Arsenal 2007: Flamini, Hleb and Adebayor, 2008: Nasri, Ramsey and Vela

It's been a tremendously long Thursday for me, a long day at the office, a few errands, the Portugal vs Germany game and a trip to the airport... which doesn't give me much time to give you a dose of your daily world of Arsenal summary.

Last year, three players (excluding Cesc, Eduardo, Sagna, Clichy and Toure) stood out as big players for us. When you saw Flamini, Hleb and Ade on the team sheet, you knew we have defensive cover, creatively and the ability to score.

Potentially, if we accept the 31 million euro bid from Barcelona or Milan, Ade may move on. Probably, Hleb will join him for about 16 million euros, possibly at the Camp Nou. With Flamini already gone, that might see 3 big players leave. I'm sure Arsene doesn't want Ade to go, but 40 million euros may twist his arm, if the bidding gets that high. 60 million euros for both, or £50million in UK terms, may be too hard to resist, especially when you start to imagine who we'd buy with that.

Speculation is rife as always, but I know what Ade offers, I don't know what Ramsey, Vela or Nasri will really offer. Of course, there is more to it than that, but I know that Arsene will work in the best interest of the club.

In my heart, I'd like Ade to stay, I've really warmed to him and he has the club in his heart. I'd like to see Hleb go as it seems like he wants to and his passion for the team and effectiveness can be questioned.

Let's see what Arsene has in his mind.

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  • otariq

    < ![CDATA[Ade will not be sold. Having not won a trophy in four years Arsene sees this as the year and will not want to break up a club he think is very close to success. If Arsenal loses Ade they will have to adapt to a new Striker and there is no saying that it will be a successful transition especially when our other strikers have not show they could stay health for an entire season.

    Again no need to worry.]]>