Could Cesc Fabregas Stay At Arsenal Forever?

Anyway, I want to talk about Cesc Fabregas. Now this boy is one of our stars, he's an intelligent footballer, whom is mature on the ball, aggressive in the tackle and has vision beyond his years. He was brought up in the Barcelona academy of course, before moving to Arsenal, where he broke into the first team at the age of 16 and has amassed two (and a half) full seasons in central midfield for us.

Now, every summer, the player is linked with teams such as Madrid and Barcelona. He's constantly rejecting their overtures and his time at Barcelona has most probably "normalised" him against the lure of the Catalan club. He knows what it is to be at the Camp Nou, so the euphoria that others players may have for Barcelona, Cesc doesn't have. I know when Henry moved, he said he was moving to an amazing club, one of the biggest in the world - but Arsenal is amazing club, one of the biggest in the world too.

Cescy isn't lured by the unkown because for him, it's known. Arsenal and Arsene have given the chance to Cesc to become the player he is and Cesc sees himself as an Arsenal player through and through.

He is mature enough to know how he became who he is and trusts Arsene for the future of himself and the future of Arsenal. With Mardid also trying their best to lure the young Spanish man, he's said it's an honour, but he is Arsenal.

Cescy also admires and appreciates the players around him. He knows what players like Ade, Eduardo, Van Persie and Theo can bring to the team and he wants to play with them. And whilst we're on the subject, some news today says he also wants to play with Hleb, who is a player who's been linked with a move to Barcelona themselves.

Cesc spoke to El Pais, and said:

“I have always said that Hleb is an incredible footballer and what he has done is underrated, well, everything that he does, because he is still an Arsenal player.

“That kind of footballer deserves more credit. But I tell it to you, he is an incredible footballer. I hope we’ll carry on playing together for years.”

Young Cescy is a surely a future captain of the team.

One day.

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