Euro Sunday: The Search For A Winger…

The Search For A Winger… Arsene is continuing his search for a winger…. With both us, United and Everton in for Aaron Ramsey, all signs point towards United for his signature and from the forums, blogs and other Arsenal related websites, it’s clear that not many people real care if we sign the 17-year old. The feeling among the supporters is that we need to sign some experience and start winning trophies, which many people doubt Ramsey will do for us… Of course, young French internationals, Hatem Ben Arfa and Samir Nasri are two players who we’ve been linked with. The Nasri deal advancing to the contract stages with the player, and the Ben Arfa deal not getting further than Lyon’s asking price. Both transfers look unlikely now, with Nasri set to shine in the Euro 2008 tournament, Arsene and Arsenal unwilling to offer the £60k reported that Nasri wants. Reports are suggesting that Arsene may re-ignite his interest in Yoan Gouffranm, a winger-striker in the Henry mould. Although previously understood to have signed for Bordeaux, the young Caen forward is still with his former team whilst a fee is being agreed. Reports suggest that we’ve now made an offer to Caen. So, where does that leave the search for a winger? With Nasri, Ben Arfa, Ramsey all uncertain, and of course, Arsene #1 target Luka Modric signing for arch rivals, Sp*rs, for a ludicrous £16.5m, we’re back to square one – or if Hleb does leave, square zero. Arsene has talked about Vela and Walcott being viewed as strikers, not wingers, but it looks like they may be the answer to our winger problems if we’re unable to buy another player…

Euro 2008 Round-Up

The Euro’s have officially started and yesterday saw young Arsenal defender, Phillippe Senderos play for Switzerland against the Czech Republic. His performance was average, he was awesome at some times and not so good at other times, on the whole, not a bad performance – the Swiss eventually losing by a goal to nil. The opening game was followed by Portugal vs Turkey. A game which was closer than the 2-0 scoreline showed, Turkey with a sterling performance, but Portugal were just too strong. The two results matching the form book. Tonight is Austria vs Croatia and Germany vs Poland; okay, that doesn’t sound a mouth-watering clash, but I’d give it a go, Austria will be up for it, Croatia are a strong force and Germany will want to start with a stellar performance against the Poles! I’ve got a good feeling about Croatia. They knocked out England, so they’ve proved their worth. It’s one of those things, whereby if the team that has knocked you out, goes on to win the tournament, you can always say “well, they did win it”… as a response… okay, I’ve expressed it wrong, but you know what I mean! My feelings for Croatia do really circulate around Eduardo, and Slaven Bilic, their coach talked about how they’re missing the Crozilian…
“We are motivated also because of Eduardo, it’s clear because he is very popular among players. “He is recovering and he even may even join Arsenal for their preparations (for next season). “Eduardo’s absence is a handicap, we feel it all the time because we consider him one of the best strikers in the world. “Arsenal have also felt that but we feel we are a good team and have enough to compensate.”
Today will be a time for them to demonstrate their ability without the little forward.

PHW Gives Kroenke The Thumbs Up

Okay… on to things a little more Arsenal… Peter Hill Wood has been speaking on our shareholders, and his view has changed somewhat since Dein introduced Kroenke to the board. Initially, PHW didn’t want anything to do with Kroenke, but with the subsequent introduction of Usmanov, it’s a case of the lesser of two evils… PHW talked about his relationship with Kroenke:
“I think he could make a contribution – whether he would want to do it, I don’t know. “I think he would be a good addition. He seems to have been very sensible. “I think he would be quite happy to buy more shares but I think he has absolutely no intention of buying the whole thing.”
PHW, remember, you’re in a lockdown agreement, there are no shares to sell!! Interesting words from the chairman, and my sentiments are the same. Usmanov has talked about wanting to take over the club, whilst Kroenke had been a silent shareholder… But, then again, who really knows?

And Finally, Shay Given?

And finally, we’ve been linked with Newcastle goalkeeper, Shay Given.  The news has emanated from the News of the World, which means it’s probably a big fat lie… can we really see Arsene bringing in another goalkeeper to push Almunia back to #2 and Fabianski back to #3… I doubt it, even if there is a rather low £3.5m fee mooted. Okay, that’s a wrap, have a good Sunday and the grand prix is on tonight as well as Federer vs Nadal as well as the two Euro games… a sport packed Sunday night it is then… ‘Til tomorrow…]]>

  • fan

    This is depressing. Everyone making singings and we are losing players. Why isn’t Wenger interested in Ronaldinho? He certainly have the experience and Wold class. And the best part is if we would not have to pay any money if Helb is to leave for Barca.

  • JH92

    dnt worry ffs weve signed nasri even cisse came out and said hes signed. it will be official afterthe euros

  • devday

    JH92, I sincerely hope so… with signings, I tend to look at the worst case scenario!

  • LEON

    i would try bring in another winger that scan score like ben artfa so we rotate the quad give player like risisky a rest