Wednesday Round Up: Nasri, Ljungberg, Lehmann, Villa and McNally…

Nasri won’t join us until the end of the Euros, if he does at all. It would be quite disappointing if the French boy wonder didn’t join us. The fact that he was so close obviously means that Arsene rates him very highly… He got another 15 minutes in yesterday’s friendly against Columbia and it looks like we’ll be in a state of “will he, won’t he” for the entire championships now, which is definitely annoying! Ex Gooner Freddie Ljungberg has been in the papers today talking about how badly Arsene Wenger treated him. Bringing him over from somewhere far away, making him a  great player and paying him millions and millions of pounds, oooo that’s bad.

It was all about my injuries. Wenger simply doesn’t like those who show a weakness. With him, you generally feel as if you were in the army – it’s only in public that he may appear to be some sort of man of liberal views. In reality, his belief is natural selection. The truth is I picked up a knock doing my job and following Wenger’s instructions. I always played like this and, at some point, ran out of luck. So while I was being treated for the injury, they went out and found a different player for my position. After I recovered, I was given a chance in the typical Wenger way: I was expected to run and intercept and score just the same as before. He just didn’t give me enough time to do it properly. I had no time. I was offended when all of a sudden I learned from the papers that Wenger was ready to consider
offers for me from other clubs. No-one had talked to me about that. And also I still feel a bit offended about Arsenal. They showed the door to too many people. Why did they let Thierry Henry go? When I found out about his move, I realised that the Arsenal I used to play for was finished. So I went to West Ham in order to play against Arsenal as often as possible.
That’s what Freddie said and I think it’s just bitter to say those things, “to play against Arsenal as often as possible”… that’s spite Freddie. You were once a fan’s favourite and someone who is in many Arsenal fans hearts but these continual comments and disregard for Arsene and Arsenal will only bring anomousity. It’s clear that you weren’t fit or on form. What did you expect the club to do? Sit back and wait for you to recover injury after injury… Another player who is officially an ex Gooner is Jen Lehmann who joined Stuttgart today. And a player who we supposed want is about to sign for Manchester United, the player in question being Aaron Ramsey. It’s understood that we’ve had a £5m offer rejected, but Man U have had a £4.5m offer accepted… how strange! In more player news, reports indicate that Valencia are willing to let David Villa go for a reported £17m. Any takers Arsene? Whilst the player signings aren’t really happening at the moment, the staff ones may be. According to some web sites we’re set to sign David McNally as our new MD. Hmmm, interesting stuff today.]]>

  • JAT

    I think the reason why Cardiff accepted a lesser bid from Manure was because they are prepared to loan him back next season…