Nasri IS signing, no he's not, yes he is, not he's not… yes, no?

“Nasri, he interests me. I hope I will do it after the Euros. “It is more complicated now because the wage differences are not as big as they used to be. “Just watch Benzema. He is 20 and recently signed a new deal. “It is very difficult but England is considered one of the two top leagues and the best players want to play against the best players.” Some very interesting points. Firstly, of course, the news that Arsene will “do it after the Euros” comes as a blow to us for several reasons: we don’t sign Nasri now, his value shoots up after the Euros and then we don’t sign him at all. This boy is supposed to be the “new Zidane”, so it would be a blow after all of this that he didn’t sign – it’s obvious that Arsene rates him very highly. The second comment was about the wage difference, and it’s clear to see that a problem with Nasri joining us is the wage he is demanding. Previously players in France would be in the £5-15k bracket, but nowadays there is much more money in France, and it’s believed that top players such as Nasri and Lyon’s Juninho are in a much higher bracket. Rumours have it that we’ve offered the 20 year a £35k a week package, but the player is asking for £50k+. When you think Rio Ferdinand is on £125k and Ronaldo is demanding £150k, his wage demands don’t compare. But from Arsene’s point of view, when you sign an unproven player on £50k with the intention to keep him for 10 years, where do you go. I believe if this continues after the Euro’s there is a possibility that he won’t be signed. The fact that we’ve had such a strong interest is sure to alert Sp*rs who’ve already signed one of Arsene’s long term target’s for a ludicrous £16.5m in Luca Modric. And look to be splashing out a further £17m on Giovanni Dos Santos… remember this is the same scum that paid £16.5m for Darren Bent… Anyway, I would really enjoy watching Samir Nasri playing on the Emirates turf, but if it’s not financially viable, then Arsene’s got to move on… one day we’ll be the biggest club in the world and when that day comes, Thierry’s little son and Bergkamp’s little son can head our attack… In other news, ex-Gooner Jens Lehmann, is off to Stuttgart and I hope he does well there. We’ve been linked with two Spanish players, Dani Guiza and Ruben de la Red. Neither likely, especially when you consider David Villa is available for similar money and we’re in the middle of the whole Nasri affair… Arsene has spoken about introducing a points system, which I think is a really good idea, which means it will never happen. Arsene speaks about the goal difference in a game adding up to earn clubs extra points. More on my view of this later… Well, boys and girls, hope you had a good Monday and here’s to an even better Tuesday!]]>

  • khai

    i have this strange feeling, but hopefully i’m wrong, that there’s a chance nasri wont sign…

  • sam

    < ![CDATA[hey umm i think nasri will see the light and realise how much his game will improve under arsene. Hav u heard nething about the possible signing of David Villa because i think this guy cud b gr8 and if we get him i think he wud score lots of goals???? good luck jens ...]]>

  • Gooner Chris

    ummmm… wheres the Obertan news…

  • devday

    Hey Chris, not got any more news apart from that we’ve watched him – nothing concrete at the moment – will let you know as soon as i hear something – my main worry is that we’re linked with some many people but absolutely nothing concrete at all, not even Nasri!

  • Gooner Chris

    “news is now reaching me that there more to the rumour that just a rumour”???

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