Rumour Ridden Thursday and I'm off to Vegas

“Until this search is concluded, the deal does not take off. But I am very optimistic because Arsenal are looking for a player. The percentage likelihood of the arrival of Adebayor to Milan, today, is 70 to 80 percent.” This quote is from an agent, who is looking to capatilise on his position and make as much … [Read more…]

Will he, won't he, Arsene that is…

“I brought my chequebook but, having looked at the prices, I’ve realised it isn’t big enough. I’ve not been surprised by the quality on show. There is a fantastic young generation of players coming through. But I will use my chequebook first to keep the players I already have.” The will he, won’t he saga continues… … [Read more…]

What's going on with Adebayor?

I do not want to speak about this at the moment because of Arsenal. But it is possible there will be something to say in a few days’ time. Sounds like Ronaldo? Barcelona have reported offered 50 million euros for both Adebayor and Hleb. These are two players, one which we bought for £7m and … [Read more…]