• Georgie Samaras

    Wow, this is brilliant news. If he is back in training in August, then he could feature from the start of the season. What a strike force we’ll have then: Ade, VP, Edurardo, Walcott, Bendtner and Vela!!

  • jat85

    I love how in the video he is chilling out at home in his no.9 Arsenal shorts. Legend.

  • http://arsenal-maniak.piczo.com ilija

    wow that was grat :) i am so hpy if he gets back before the start of the season :D:D:D):):):):):)

  • toye

    What could be more cheering than this. I really look forward to that day Edu will step onto the Emirates stuff again. Boundless joy for me!

  • Don McMahon

    < ![CDATA[Eduardo's real challenge will not be strictly physicial. Although his timing is off and he will favour his broken ankle for awhile, he will sorely challenged to psychologically, intellectually and emotionally overcome the fears, hesitancy and innate self-protection(read survival) the EPL engenders in every player that competes there. I recollect having a serious injury when I played amateur Football and it took me months to accomodate and overcome the fear of being re-injured. Eduardo, unlike me, is a consummate professional Footballer and knows what he faces in the EPL. However, he will definitely shy away from similar situations where he was injured and may be easily intimidated by the aggressive, two foot tackling villans that fill the lesser ranks of the EPL. I believe he is such a pro that he will recover very strongly both physically and personally and that his game will improve and flourish in Arsenal's clockwork style. Perish the thought that he will be reinjured, as this will definitely limit his psychological recovery, which usually takes the longest to heal.]]>