Wow, that was a short week…

Thursday, Friday. I don’t even know what day it is! These short weeks really do confuse me… well, as my mini-report said eariler, we’re on the verge of the verge of the verge of signing Samir Nasri, but as we haven’t got absolutely everything sorted out there is still a 1% of the transfer not happening. That’s what we’re hearing anyway. What does a 99% chance mean. Either it going to happen or it’s not, and as long as it hasn’t happened, then there is every chance that it may not happen. The club moved to quell speculation with a nice short and brief statement…

“There has been no signing yet. In line with our usual policy, we will only announce when they are done.”
So that’s that really…. we’re on the verge of the verge of the verge of signing Samir Nasri. Well, let’s hold tight for another day or two and see if there is an official announcement soon. So Wednesday was the England game and a somewhat disappointing performance to be totally honest, I really wanted to see Theo out there showing what the modern game is all about, instead we had a ageing Beckham and a one trick Bentley – whose trick isn’t really a trick, it’s a cross if you can (regardless if someone is actually in the box) or if not, lose the ball. I was really excited at the prospect of seeing Theo alongside the established England players, and really couldn’t believe it when he didn’t get a run out! Fabio Capello said that he’ll rotate for the next game, so I think we’ll see Theo in action then! Whilst we’ve all been thinking about Nasri and Hleb, we’ve kind of forgotten a bit of press by Cesc and one of youngsters, Jay Simpson. The former re-iterating the stance that he wants to stay at Arsenal and win the Premier league with us…
“I will stay at Arsenal. My coach asked me and I told him he had my confidence.  I’d love to win the Premier League and I am one of those players who fight for what they want until they achieve it.”
It’s a common statement from Cesc and I think it’s a statement of intent when sometimes it would seem easier to jump board… good luck for Cescy in the Euros of course… And talking about people who want to be a part of the future, cite Jay Simpson… some of you will know who he is, some won’t… but he’s a young English striker, who been playing in our reserves and recently went on loan to Millwall. He played a big part in them not being relegated and his performances showed the promise that we believed he could fulfill. I’d expect to see him in the Carling Cup next season and the youngster spoke recently to
“I am very high in confidence at the moment and feel that I have learnt a lot, especially playing under pressure. When I first joined Millwall we were playing some good football but did not get the results that the quality of the play deserved. “I want to be a part of Arsenal’s future. I got a lot out of my time with Millwall and I think I did well for them too, but it reaffirmed for me that I want to play my football at the highest level and I will do everything I can to make sure that I can do that with the Club I have loved since I was a child.”
Exciting stuff from the youngster and some welcomed experience. I know he is highly rated at Arsenal, so only time will tell whether he can continue improving… Okay, no doubt there will be a lot happening in the world of Arsenal tomorrow, so here’s to a few “big player” signings or at least some mindless speculation and random headlines… Have a good day and speak soon!]]>

  • cm

    Jay…didnt know much about him but look forward toseeing him in action!