Tuesday was Monday: Signings, Signings, Signings + Mouhamadou Dabo + Blaise Matuidi + Aaron Ramsey + Edu + Hleb + A Plus Sign…

Tuesday was Monday: Signings, Signings, Signings  + Mouhamadou Dabo + Blaise Matuidi + Aaron Ramsey + Edu + Hleb + A Plus Sign… (And A Bit More About Adebayor) + Nasri + Fizman + Arsene + Maybe too long for a blog!! Morning all, and it was Tuesday today – yes, I know it feels like a Monday as yesterday felt like a Sunday. I can assure you it’s Tuesday. As you can see by the title of today’s blog, there are yet more players linked. Arsene did warn us of this crazy speculation! It was less than 2 weeks ago when Arsene said…

“What is unbelievable is I’m sitting here [at the press conference and it is] like we have killed all the players. Yet when I go to my office I have 220 calls from players who want to come in.”
And the rumour mills are going through all 220 one by one! So, in similar vain, let’s go through them one by one! Update: Wednesday is Tuesday.

Adebayor to Barcelona?

In a crazy rumour, the Italian and Spanish press claim we are about to sell Adebayor – how can they write this stuff? He’s only been with us for 18 months, was our top scorer this season, is loved by the fans and he loves Arsenal too… so this rumour is utter rubbish! Ade has completely dismissed these rumours serveral times, but they just don’t go away! Just before he flew off for Togo’s International games, he said:
“I don’t know why people want to put words in my mouth. “As I said on Friday, I love Arsenal and I will be here next season. “I am off to Togo tomorrow but will return to Arsenal for pre-season training in July.”
Pretty much, as far as I am concerned, any rumour about Ade leaving the club is complete rubbish!

Daniel Güiza

Marca, a paper renowned for talking nonsense has linked us with Daniel Guiza of Real Mallorca. He’s a young Spanish player who’s done particularly well in an average side this season. The paper does say that “Coach Arsène Wenger has all but resigned himself to losing Emmanuel Adebayor this summer”, which is an obvious way of saying “we know nothing, but here is some idle speculation!” For those Spanish speakers, take a look at this link: http://www.marca.com/edicion/marca/futbol/1a_division/mallorca/es/desarrollo/1127535.html

Mouhamadou Dabo and Blaise Matuidi

Okay, so this player is another random player that we’ve been linked to in the French media… News on Dabo and Blaise hit the sports site last week:
“We are set to sign St Etienne duo Mouhamadou Dabo and Blaise Matuidi. Full back Dabo and midfielder Matuidi are both French U21 internationals.”
Now, it sounds like a bit of media speculation, a believable story. French, young – right up Arsene’s street. But I’m not really sure where this link comes from. I haven’t seen the club or player say anything and can’t even find a quote from a random agent who claims Arsenal are interested… I have severe doubts that these players are even on the radar…! But, who are they? Well wikipedia says that Mouhamadou Dabo is a midfielder who can also play at full back. He currently plays for Saint Etienne as does Blaise Matuidi, who is a midfielder. We do have links with the club, so it’s possible that we’ve seen them play before… I’m sure we’ll hear more about this if anything comes out of it…

Aaron Ramsey

Well, speculation about this young Welsh kid is rife. Apparently we had a £1m bid for the Cardiff player turned down last summer. For those of you who didn’t watch Cardiff’s run to the FA Cup final, Ramsey is a 17-year old winger (supposedly similar to Ryan Giggs) and Manchester United are said to be interested too. Gary Lewis, who discovered the player, said back in march:
“I’d love to see him play in the Premiership, hopefully with Cardiff, but he has got everything in place to become a top, top player. Personally, I see him as a Bryan Robson type. Not afraid to put a foot in, but creative as well and, of course, able to score goals.”
And Dave Jones, Cardiff manager, has also commented on the potential of the youngster.
“We have to be very, very careful, we all need to relax on the kid and be aware of his development, progression and age. He now needs to learn to put his foot on the ball and dictate the pace of the game – he is 17 years of age and he is not going to have that skill as part of his game yet. This kid will be bigger and better than a lot of those who have come through at Cardiff City, but I stress it must be done right.”
I saw him play in the FA cup final, and although he wasn’t as good as other rounds, he does have flair and could be a good player for the future. He is 17, so there is more to come from him – will that be in an Arsenal shirt or a United shirt – only time will tell…


In a rather surprise story circulating the Internet, we’ve been linked with a swoop for former Gunners midfielder, Edu. Loved by the crowd, but not a defensive midfielder, and not really someone who can play on the wings either, so it doesn’t look likely… the story even made the Bloomberg website, although they did source it from the Mirror, which means it’s even more unlikely…
Edu, 29, will complete a loan move in the next week to Arsenal, Portsmouth, Liverpool, Everton, Manchester City, Tottenham or Middlesbrough, the newspaper said.
Supposedly a loan move, but when a newspaper lists a possible destination of 7 clubs, you know there is probably nothing in it!

Alex Hleb

Well, today Real Madrid said they were “surprised” that Hleb was available and that he wasn’t in their plans, but if he is available, then he will certainly be in their revised plans. It’s clear that Hleb wants out, so it’s down to Arsene to speak with the interested clubs to get the best deal for the club. The fact that Madrid have been sniffing around and Hleb’s agent spoke of their interest means they shouldn’t really be surprised. Their manager recently declaring their interest for all to see…
“There are a couple of positions that we can improve and that needs to be strengthened to have the necessary balance.”  “Over the past two months we have had a plan and we know what we want, but now Hleb has been added.  “We did not know he could leave Arsenal but in recent days it has been more positive. We were surprised that he might leave there.”
Players such as Ben Arfa and Nasri could ease the inevitable departure of such an influential player.

Danny Fizman

Whilst I’m in my title and story mode, Danny Fizman has commented on the summer transfers and said that the board are in total support of Arsene and there is money for him to spend. He’s also re-iterated Arsene recent comments about signing big players, not big names…
“We’ve never said no to Arsene so I’m sure that, whoever he wishes to bring in, he will be fully supported.  “There’s no set amount. But as I said we’ve always supported Arsene, we’ve never said no to him and have no intention of saying no to him.  “I think Arsene said it’s not a big name we’re after, it’s a big talent. I think it’s about big talents and committed players.”
Mr Fizman goes on to explain the “huge offer” that was offered to Matty Flamini, saying it was “considerable”, but inevitably not enough to stop the lure of Milan. He also went on to say that we’re up there in terms of wages, and actually spend more on wages than the likes of Liverpool, he said:
“You say we don’t pay the wages other teams do. If you look at our total wage costs you’ll see they’re virtually the same as Manchester United and substantially more than Liverpool.  “Of course we’re all a little less than Chelsea who are in a world of their own. But compared to Manchester United and Liverpool we’re good payers.
Which blows water on the fact that we “don’t reward our players”. I think Arsene understands that there is stupid money in the game, where players such as Owen are on £125,000 which is heavily overvalued, whereas the structure does allow us to keep our best players such as Cesc on a high enough wage if we deem necessary. In fact, our offer to the Flamster was a treble your money offer in the region of £60,000. But the grass is greener for the Frenchman, and there was more to it then just the offer.

Arsene Wenger

And whilst highlighting all these names, I thought I’d remind you of a very bold statement of intent that Arsene made a while back… remember this:
“I know what I want and I am very confident. I hope to turn that around in the next two or three weeks. The fans should be re-assured by what they see.”
I am holding tight, the anxiety is definitely there for all to see, but I’m waiting for a Nasri or Ben Arfa to join soon…

Samir Nasri

And whilst we’re talking about Nasri, there have been more quotes coming out of his camp today as his agent confirmed the offer from us! And that it interests the player. This suggests that it’s not done and dusted yet, so that is a mild cause for concern. The positive is that he agent isn’t saying Arsenal, Barcelona and Chelsea… today’s quotes were:
“He will leave OM. It will be done in the coming days. Arsenal’s offer has caught his interest from a sporting point of view. I think that in his career plan, it is something very interesting for him.”
Although his career plan should end with Arsenal!! Some reports are suggesting that terms with the player in agreed and that we’re finalising the payment plan of how we pay for him with his club Marseille. This was confirmed by their president who said:
“The departure of Samir is not yet settled. It still has to meet certain conditions relating to the recent renewal of the contract. This would, however be in a matter of days …”
I’d classify this as more positive news on the arrival on the youngster, but only time will tell… For a bit more of Nasri’s recent game for France, take a look at this report… Jamie at Young Guns commented:
“Nasri looks a superb player and was at times this evening fantastic. He has excellent close control and is not afraid to shoot from range on occasions. He is versatile also and despite frequently drifting inside can play on either flank with ease. Bafe Gomis is a similar type of player to Adebayor, and the pair linked up really well on the wings. “The points i would make on his game is that his passing is a little predicable at times, and when he does come inside it leaves him and his team exposed out wide. But all these things are coach able and overall Nasri looks a top buy.”
I can’t wait to get home and watch the game for myself… Happy Wednesday I’ve basically spent a lot of Monday night, Tuesday morning and Tuesday night writing up today’s blog, so by the time you read it, it may be Wednesday… In that vain, have a good day and speak later….]]>

  • B-Mac

    Great site, i always find the post informative. I think Arsene should sign the entire French national team including the youth programs.

  • Nyan Whittingham

    i realise that Hleb is playing on his departure the way C.Ronaldo is, today saying the Prem is the Best in the World, so what is he now saying, he wants to stay, the thing i lik eabout Wenger is that he makes no player feel bigger than the club, if they want to leave, let them , he’s the best coach in the world, not just a manager, he makes players like that, the snap of his fingers, and Hleb, don’t worry, here come Nasri with Cesc, Rosicky and Walcott to Take the World, i look forward to the pace of Carlos Vela, Bye Bye Hleb, though i think Hleb is waiting around to see if Wenger will Buy big names, well as u see, we don’t just big players and Nasri is no doubt that in the making , as Hleb, Henry, Flamini, Cesc and Adebayor were when they came

  • fan

    ben arfa outplayed nasri in last night game. Diarra also looked like a monster outhere

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