Bank Holiday Monday Round Up (Nasri, Vela & More)

“It is likely to happen. And if it does happen, it will be before the start of the European Championship.” Exciting stuff from the big man, and if it can be concluded this week, it’ll be great going into the competition being able to watch Nasri as an Arsenal player. For all of you who’ve watched the you tube clips or bought Nasri in football manager, it’s exciting to get such a talent on board (if we do)… Talking about new talents, as you know, Mr Vela is joining us too this summer. He’s a player that should fit perfectly into the team. Whether or not he plays as regularly as he may like (he is still only 18), he will no doubt bring something extra to the team. He is really looking forward to joining us too, which is awesome to see. After he received his work permit, the young Mexican said:

“Yes I received my work permit two days ago. I’ve been waiting two years for a work permit. Now my dream has come true.
I have to take advantage of this opportunity to stay in England. I hope I’m lucky enough to be at Arsenal for a long time. I’ve achieved a lot in Spain. It has been a useful experience to play for several different teams and move around. “At Osasuna I had a difficult experience because of the relegation battle but I always had a place in the team. I played well all season. But I expect to have a much better season next year. I’m sure all my efforts will pay off. I’ll be playing in one of the best teams in the world that plays competitions like the Champions League – I want those games as soon as possible. “I have changed a lot, I’m more mature as a person and player. I feel ready for Arsenal.”
Another exciting player to add to the ranks, I’ll certainly be looking forward to seeing him in action in the Emirates Cup… Anyway, I’ve got a flight to catch and you’ve got a Bank Holiday Monday to enjoy! Will catch you all on the blog this evening or in the morning… til then!]]>