"World of Arsenal" in Istanbul + Diarra, Ribery on Nasri & More

This Nasri story has really captured the imaginations of Arsenal bloggers across the world. What started off as a transfer rumour has now become a crazy desperation signing that if isn’t sorted in the next couple of days then we’re all doooooomed! I don’t really know why this is, I think it probably has something to do with our signings over the past few years; because of the stadium fund, Wenger’s chequebook hasn’t been very busy. We’ve had a few decent players in, for sure, but we have had a lot of unproved youngsters. Arsenal fans are now at the point where we crave any sort of exciting signing and hype him up as much as we can. This isn’t good because, a.) One of us is going to have a heart attack one summer, and b.) We expect so much from these new additions that when they do come, and don’t take an instant to settle in, we think they’re shit. To twist the knife even more, reports today suggest that Monsieur Nasri has confided in French team mate Frank Ribery that he’s left Marseille and signed for Arsenal… Here’s the french version:

Même si Marseille et Arsenal n’ont pas encore confirmé l’arrivée de Samir Nasri en Angleterre, annoncée mercredi parL’Equipe, Franck Ribéry ne semble pas avoir le moindre doute sur la destination de son équipier. «C’est bien pour lui. C’est un bon club avec beaucoup de jeunes, a déclaré Ribéry vendredi. Mais le championnat anglais est complètement différent, à lui de s’adapter, de s’imposer. Il est dommage que Samir quitte Marseille, il a fait toute sa vie là-bas. Mais c’était important pour lui de voir autre chose.»
http://www.lequipe.fr/Football/breves2008/20080523_210030_-a-samir-de-s-adapter_Dev.html And thanks to the boys automated translated machine down at Babelfish, here’s the English:
Even if Marseilles and Arsenal have not yet confirmed the arrival of Samir Nasri in England. This Wednesday a story in L’ Equipe, it is clear that Franck Ribéry does not seem to have the slightest doubt on the destination of its team-member. «I hope it all goes well for him. It is a good club with many young people. But the English championship is completely different, it will be difficult to impose and adapt. It is a great pity that Samir has left Marseilles, he made all his footballing life there. But it will be important for him to see another league.»
Based on the reports in the newspapers, the quotes from his agent and the constant focus of the story from L’Equpe and La Provence, I think we’re close to signing the youngster. I’ve had a few comments on earlier blogs that suggest he will be officially revealed on Tuesday, so it’s another step towards signing hysteria, and as The Canon has said above, it’s probably because we’re not accustomed to spending money (as in > £10m) on players, but after a season of player profit last season, it’s time to spend just a little of it… Talking about players and French players at that, Arsene has finally spoken about the Diarra transfer and how Lassana had no patience to prove his worth to the team. And despite his confidence, he also revealed that he expected Flamini to leave when he signed Diarra, but in the end, they both left… Here’s a snippet from Arsene:
‘I came to the conclusion that Diarra could not cope with the fact he was behind the other players here in midfield. ‘I thought the best option was to let him go because I already had Denilson, (Abou) Diaby and Gilberto all trying to get into the team as well. It was a congestion. ‘I bought Diarra in the summer because I thought (Mathieu) Flamini might leave at the end of the season and if he was able to be patient, he would get his chance. ‘It turned out he wasn’t capable of that. With Euro 2008 in mind, he panicked. ‘I did explain when he joined that he might have to be patient, and he acknowledged it, but he couldn’t cope with the situation and also did not want to go on loan anywhere, either.’
This story originates from the Portsmouth News and it’s not a source that I’ve used before, so not 100% sure about it’s authenticity, it you can be bothered, check it out for yourself. Anyway, for some one who’s supposed to be on holiday, I’ve been going on about stuff for rather too long… here’s to a completed transfer or two or at least confirmation of some that have happened if they have happened, by the time I’m back! And yes, I will try my best to track down Delgado and do a bit of scouting… My fellow Gooner, JAT will be taking over tomorrow and giving you his opinions on all things Arsenal, so here’s a big thanks in advance, and si olmak a iyi gun…. That means “have a nice day” for those non Turkish speakers (yes I used an online translator!). Cheerio.]]>