Breaking News: Alexander Hleb Is Leaving

“I can officially confirm that a short time ago Alexander decided that he will leave Arsenal and join another club. “Of course Arsenal and Arsene wanted him to stay but they have accepted the player’s choice.” “That is his choice. “He has understood that the right time has come for him to make a change. “Alex has spent three good seasons at Arsenal and he wasn’t sure he could maintain the same level that he has been showing if he stayed. “It’s also true that he felt uncomfortable off the field. “Alexander wants a change of scene. That’s had a large part to play in his decision. “Alex informed the club of his desire to move to another club. “We are not using article 17 of the FIFA rule. “I can’t tell you anything about where he will be playing yet. “Talks are underway, and I don’t have the right to make them public. “I think that the issue of his new club will be clarified in the next few days.” So, there you have it, Mr Spilevski talks and it’s clear that Arsene is ready to let Hleb go. As we’ve always maintained as a club and as fans, if a player is not happy then we would rather see him move on than stay. And it’s obvious that Hleb is not happy. As things stand, I hope we get the money back that we paid for him. His contract value is approximately £2.5m a year, so if article 17 was used, we’d see a £5m return. However, with a bidding war going on between Real Madrid, Barcelona and Inter, it looks like we may something a bit more. We signed him for a reported £11.2m and this is the same amount that we’re supposedly shelling out for French wonderkid, Samir Nasri… All will surely be revealed in the next couple of days, but Mr Hleb, there are much better ways to do your business and the way your plethora of agents have carried on is a disagrace to your and their profession… Okay, I know I’ve just posted this, but don’t forget to read today’s original article which looks at some interesting words from Ribery on Nasri and Arsene on Diarra.]]>

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  • scottpuffin

    < ![CDATA[Nasri will be much more affective then Hleb. Great player that he is, we just weren't getting a return in goals and assists from him - we've all seen how important wingers who score goals are. Bring on Nasri. ]]>

  • James Stokes

    < ![CDATA[Can't say I'm either suprised or particuarly bothered he's off. We've seen better players leave in the past, and he was never in the same league as Freddie or Pires. Here's to hoping either Nasri or Ben Arfa come in.]]>

  • Will

    James, I agree that he wasn’t as good as Freddie or Bobby for us. However, this season all of our play went through Fabregas and Hleb, and when either player was missing we didn’t look the same. This is why I am worried – not because he was particularly good for us, but because he was so important to our style of play. With Rosicky’s ongoing injury problems, I think we badly need an experienced creative midfielder – will Nasri and Ben Arfa be enough?