Real Madrid, Barcelona & Inter in for Hleb…

“For any player in the world it is always a great honour that a club like Real Madrid is interested in him.” “This confirms the good work that Hleb has been doing in these last few years that he is being recognised by one of the greatest clubs in the world. “Nobody should have any doubts that the interest from Madrid is a privilege for the player.” So, what do I think about this? Well, I think it’s a disgrace. Us fans have stood by the mercurial talent through thick and thin. When against Blackburn last season, he was one of the worst players I’ve ever seen in an Arsenal shirt, we backed him, sang for him (the famous Hleb Hleb song) and his form returned. We’ve watched him miss open goals, pass when he should shoot, and stood by him throughout his terrible goal and assist record in his three seasons with the club. Yes, he’s a good player, but his impact in the premiership isn’t at the level needed – but we have faith in his ability and potential. And how does he repay us? With this. Where is loyalty in football gone? Does he want more money? Isn’t £60k a week enough, that means that he has earnt approx £10 million since he’s been with us. Start of rant… Arsene, I plea, get rid of him now, he doesn’t want to stay. If you can bring in a good replacement, of course. Whether that is Nasri or Ben Arfa, or both, if you can find someone who you think will do the job, bring him in and let Mr Hleb get out whilst we can get some money for him. Rant over… [Update: Hleb is leaving…]]]>

  • Horse N. Buggy

    We will never get Eto’o out of any deal. The last I heard, his price had been set at $40 mil. That’s more than our entire budget and selling Hleb ain’t gonna make up that difference. This is silly, but I after seeing the negotiating tactics of Hleb and his manager, I can’t help but think about something Hleb said in an Arsenal TV “fun” interview. Arsenal TV asked each player what they would do if they couldn’t play football. Lacking any imagination, most of the players said they would do something in sports. Hleb got a big smile on his face and said he’d probably be in the Russian mafia. I know (or hope) he was kidding (and I thought it was a much funnier answer than any other player had given). But considering how he’s handling this “transfer,” I begin to question from whom he learned how to “do business.”

  • gooner

    < ![CDATA["When you wear this shirt you always want to win and at times you are left a little disappointed. The fans' love is also important and I didn't want to make the mistake that Andriy Shevchenko did and leave as a traitor." - Gennaro Gattuso on why he will not leave Milan for Bayern Would we like to hear words like those from some of our players for a change?]]>

  • James Stokes

    < ![CDATA[I couldn't agree more with you about Hleb. Whilst the likes of Cesc and Ade have come out in support of the club, Helb has just moanded about 'noisy city life' and the trauma of a trophyless season. He's a class player, but without commitment he is as good as useless, so get rid of the fucker.]]>

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