At least Chelsea lost? Vela is an Arsenal player…

And the only thing that would have been better (apart from Arsenal winning the trophy), would have been if Ashley Cole, who is really quite rubbish, missed his penalty. But in the end, it was the footballing whore that is Le Sulk, aka Nik Anelka, who missed and what goes around comes around. A nice bit of red-card-ship for the Drogba - you kind of feel he deserved a red card for being such a ****** this season.

Reports emerging are that this was the last game that Drogba has played for Chelsea, so see you later you diving mongrel.

Anyway, enough of the insults, enough of the emptyness of not being involved, we'll be back next season, potentially with some young French re-inforcements, such as Nasri or Ben Arfa.

One player who will definitely be with us next season is young Carlos Vela. He’s been playing for Osasuna this season and he will be joining up with us for pre-season in the not too distant future. Arsene recently talked about his application for a EU passport, and it’s pretty certain all is now resolved.

His agent, a certain Mr Eduardo Hernandez spoke on his return to his parent club:

“Despite the critics that we have received for making Carlos play at Celta Vigo, Salamanca and Osasuna, these spells have been very important for preparing for life in the Premier League. His time in Spain has now come to a close and he is just waiting for his passport.

“He has worked the amount of time required by the Premier League and everything is going fine. He has been granted permission to play and will be joining Arsenal in July for the beginning of pre-season training. Many people have criticised us for the way this process has been handled but the laws of Fifa and the rules of competition in some countries have meant that we have experienced some problems.

“But they are over now and a new chapter in his career can begin.”

Exciting words from his agent, and he will definitely be a good addition to the team.

Well, time to focus on my day and keep my eyes pealed for a possible Nasri signing?

Til then, have a good one…]]>

  • dp

    Watched the game last night…not really supporting anyone but rather have Man U win…felt dirty after though had to go home and shower!