Arsenal set to sign Clement Chantome…

  • Samir Nasri, the new Zidane, attacking midfielder, aged 20
  • Clement Chantome, the new Deschamps, defensive midfielder, aged 20 
  • Francis Coquelin, the new Makelele, defensive midfielder, aged 17
  • All three are French youth and highly rated back home…

    Who is Clement Chantome?

    Well, he’s a clever young footballer in the mould of the once great Didier Deschamps. He is said to be an intelligent football with good ball winning expertise as well as a good passing range. He currently plays for Paris Saint Germain as has featured int heir first team for the last 2 – 3 seasons having previously come through the PSG youth academy. His Wiki states:
    Of all players likely to hold a long-term future with PSG, Chantome looks a good chance to retain his spot and develop further into a player of real class. His call-up to France’s U/21 squad in October of 2006 is testament to the regard in which he is held by the FFF.
    And that’s a major reason why Arsene is keen on bringing him in. The fee is unknown but not believed to be a huge fee… More news as it arrives…]]>

    • Will

      Nasri sounds great. But I believe Chantome is actually 22. His Wiki says he is 20 but Wikipedia is very unreliable; Eurosport reports that he is 22.

    • devday

      < ![CDATA[You're right, Nasri looks like a real star in the making - although just 20 - he is an experience player who has been capped. Chantome was born in 87 and will 21 his autumn...]]>

    • Will

      < ![CDATA[Ah sorry about that, it seems like Eurosport was the culprit then! It would be a little strange if do sign these 2 young defensive midfielders. We would then have 4 young central midfielders (these 2 plus Diaby and Denilson) ready for squad roles, but are any of the 4 really ready a regular starting berth? This is why I expected Gilberto to stay and to start the season as first choice, whilst Denilson and Diaby got eased into the team. But if we sign these 2 then it looks like Gilberto will leave and suddenly our central midfield looks worringly young. Or if Gilberto stays, we have too much competition. Great blog by the way, I have really enjoyed reading it.]]>

    • Fo

      < ![CDATA[I think Coquelin will join our reserve squad for a season or two, whereas Chantome is someone who can be a good backup for a new DM who I believe Wenger will bring in too. I see Gilberto leaving this summer. This would leave New DM, Chantome, Diaby and Denilson as the four players who could play there - I think Diaby and Denilson could also play alongside a DM and on the wings. P.S. Agree with Will, brilliant blog!]]>

    • devday

      Thanks guys! You’ve pretty much hit the nail on the head Fo! I think Coquelin is one for the future rather than now, remember, we’ve lost Diarra & Flamini, so brining in Chantome & one other will replace them with Coquelin in the reserves. I would also agree that Gilberto is on his way out. A lot of this is speculation too, but it looks like Arsene is talking to a fair amount of players!!

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    • kenny

      i think nasri is a good signing for the start. i think after some yrs chantome will also be at the top, but we still need vibrant defenders and a quality striker like gomez, villa, martins, hunteelar. vela must return.

    • Obito

      < ![CDATA[Arsenal have been linked with both Ben Arfa and more recently Nasri. I think Nasri will be Wengers first chioce and try to convert him into a goalscoring winger like he done so successfully with Robert Pires. Wenger knows Ben Arfa is talented but will only opt for him if hleb leaves. Wenger has also spoken on bringin in english talent, this will come in the form of 6'5 Middlesborough defender David Wheater. He has developed a reputation for being a "no nonsense" defender, just what Arsenal need right now. Now that mathieu flamini is gone i am happy to see Clement Chantome as his replacement. Hes known for his determination and ballwinning ability, which have led pundits to liken him to france legend Didier Deschamps. What i think the arsenal line up will be next season: - ALMUNIA - - SAGNA - TOURE - WHEATER - CLICHY - - CHANTOME - -ROSICKY / C. VELA - FABREGAS - HLEB / BEN ARFA - - NASRI / VAN PERSIE - - ADEBAYOR - Bench : Walcott (will also start a fair share of games) Fran Merida (described by wenger as "an absolutely amazing player". Bendtner Gallas Eboue / Song Denilson / Diaby Fabianski]]>

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    • ZBA

      < ![CDATA[I think we shouldn't get carried away by all the speculation. I would be happy to see Nasri arrive, and it looks like the club have only left to agree terms with the player himself. For the central midfield role we should absolutely keep Gilberto. His experience and leadership could prove crucial later on. The signing of a reliable central defender will also be necessary.]]>

    • Steve

      < ![CDATA[I see that Ramswey has decided to sign for the Gunners whihc could be good news in th long term - but we need to get ina couple of players between 23-26 to help all of these amazing young players progress in my opinion. nasri is a good signing and if Hleb isnt happy he should be sold on. Am I the only Arsenal fan who thinks getting £32m for Ade and signing Villa for £17m would A) strentghen our squad and add goals and B) be great business - we still have bendtner for when we want to play a slighty longer ball? great blog]]>

    • guillaume

      hi everyone,

      i am a PSG fan. my first memories about football are linked to Paris Saint Germain, and as every single proper lover of this club, I try to know who are the guys who wear our red and blue shirt.

      i was reading thru this blog and unfortunately, most of you never had a look at Clement Chantome. you just talk about where he will play in arsenal, but you have no idea of the kind of player he is.

      you need to know that makelele plays for us, jeremy clement is his colleagu in the midfield. This is due to the fact that we need an other really defensive midfielder next to Make, because he is not 23 anymore.

      surprising or not, Chantome has not been choosen. Why? because he is far too offensive, attacking. he has got some great balance and passing skills. dribbling and speed are not his best metrics. however, he s hard working, he likes coming back before our 4 defenders …. and transmit the ball forward. he is not yet the kind of player that can have the extra touch and change a game, he does not have a really reliable long shot, but he is super clever, ambitious and proud!

      chantome is just a small_ or even very small Fabregas_ and this is why Arsene did not sign him yet. Arsene knows him very well, as he looks at our leagu closely. He was about to take over the managerial position in PSG 6 months ago, advising our president and these sorts of stuffs.

      so, chantome is everything but a next deschamps, nothing to be compared with ribery, nasri or zidane. he is more like a PSG’s Fabregas to develop. He is 22. We have a new coach who trust our youngsters. Give Chantome 2 seasons. Huge european teams won’t cpme around with a 7 million check to offer. chantome is about to be one of the greatest of his generation, at least in France!

      go Paris. hope for the best for Arsenal, loving it!

    • wasky

      i just want to be a fan of arsenal for this season, because i believed that the team will do greatly.