Arsenal Sign Francis Coquelin… but he's only 17…

Young Guns has reviewed his ability after his trial and said...

Coquelin is a rugged, strong, aggressive defensive midfielder. Blessed with a super passing range as well as all the combative qualities you would expect from a holding central player. He plys his trade for Stade Lavallois and has already featured on various occasions for the Reserves, after being promoted from the Under 18s.

In addition, today’s Daily Mail has a quick snippet:

FC Laval’s midfielder Francis Coquelin, 17, is also expected to join Arsenal after a successful trial earlier this month.

More news when it’s officially announced…]]>

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  • Gunner4life

    Is he going to be in the first team?

  • devday

    No he’s for our reserve team. Looking at 2009/2010 for a breakthrough to the first team…!

  • devday

    P.S. There has been no offiicial confirmation of this signing!

  • daniel

    it is confirmed just go to the official website and click more news!

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  • DEZ

    What is wenger doing did he want to clap for fargusson again or he want some one to clap for him.
    with these kids it seem he will clap for fargusson again trust me he is a man who does not learn from his mistakes.

  • DEZ

    what is wenger doing did he want some one to clap for him or he want to clap for fargusson please wenger buy matured plays for us we want to dance this year but not viera

  • Leeroy.N

    Didn’t we bring him in the same time as Amaury Bischoff? He (again) is supposed to be a good talent but like everyone said, he’s young. He’s a Defensive Mid but isnt scared to get forward and shoot, can do so with either foot. Regular reserve team player. Probably will end up going out on loan.