Breaking news… Usmanov plans hostile takeover…

Sources say that Red & White Holdings are preparing to launch a bid tomorrow with David Dein as the head and due to made chairman... this story is coming from multiple soruces are the moment, and I believe this is some truthn in this...

At the moment, there is a lockdown agreement within the directors, so can this be broken? What happens when there is a hostile takeover bid? Arsenal football club aspires to do things in the right way with a ethos on operating within it's own means. We have a long term plan on the repayment of the stadium and a long term plan on how to make us one of the most profitable clubs in the world.

We don't need extra money to get those 5 points extra to win the league, so will Usmanov decide to pay off the stadium. Arsene knows his which players he wants. There is no point suddenly buying another 10 players just for the sake of it.

I'll keep you posted!]]>

  • spartanmissile

    < ![CDATA[So much for your "reliable sources"
    no doubt there will be a bid other-wise why bother spending £millions on shares.
    But dont run your mouth of whan you dont have a clue.
    You look like a pratt.]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Thanks for your feedback... reliable sources have also broken news much earlier than other news... Eduardo joining two weeks before SKY sports reported it, but hey, you're entitled to your opinion...

    I wouldn't dismiss this story yet, keep your eyes open - I'll keep you posted...!]]>