Real Madrid 4 – 1 Barcelona & More About Arsenal

Anyway, back to Arsenal, Arsene and Ade… I’m feeling Quotey Arsene and Ade have been exchanged words in the media. Arsene believes Ade has room to improve and if you think about how many chances he missed, it’s clear to see that he can definitely improve on his 30-goal tally this season. Arsene spoke a couple of days ago…

“There is some room for him to improve – and that makes me very positive. I believe he has to keep a good working attitude. We have seen players before, when they start getting the recognition, they ease off in their teamwork, and very quickly, they die. If Ade keeps his work ethic, there is still 20 per cent more to come from him. Does he want it enough – to get this extra 20 per cent out? Well that is where his future lies. If you lose that desire, you quickly become a nobody”
Ade was also self critical and acknowledged he has to perform this season to be recognised as a good striker.
“I know the most important thing is how I perform next season. People are going to be looking at what I can do, but as a player you have to be ready for that.  Next season will be a new challenge. I know I can do it now, so I have to push on. I have scored 30 goals this season – but also missed a lot so that tells me I can score more. I realise now what I can do, so let’s just keep doing it.”
Ade believes he can emulate legends like Dennis Begkamp and especially Thierry Henry to become an Arsenal great. He has no intention of moving and wants to become a legend.
“I am at the right team at the right moment playing some good football and scoring goals so of course I am happy The most important thing is playing for the fans, and having the opportunity to play with so many great players at the club. As a footballer you want to make history and leave your name at a club. I hope I can do that at this club because I love the club.”
Extra quotey smokey today, but an interesting insight into the relationship of our top striker and the gaffer, come Ade, 40 goals next season would be awesome, VP, take a look at Ade and try your best to get 20! In other news, the board have publicy declared that Arsene has money and that they are looking for Arsene to buy a player or two. Arsene has recently talked to AST (The Arsenal Supporters Trust) and discussed his thoughts on the close season.

One defensive player, one creative player. Cheers.

A summary of Arsene’s notes basically talked about bringing in a creative player and a defensive one. He said we’d been undone “down the middle” for long balls, I expect that player to be a big, tall, strong defensive midfielder. For the creative player, you’ve got to think it will be a player who can play on the wing. We’ve got Carlos Vela coming back too, don’t forget, I hope it’s in addition rather than the Mexican himself. We’ve been linked with Niko Kranjar of Portsmouth, but so have Liverpool and Man U, and we’ve been heavily linked with Matias Delgado. I’d expect to see of them to join, if indeed Arsene wants to invest in this area. Both aren’t wingers, which is the only issue, we do lack width. Arsene also commented on the departure of the board and commended the board for offering the final package which was in the region of £3.5m per year for 4 years, which is a total of £14m. At the end of the day, Flamini had his heart on leaving, so fair play to him, adios, and good luck in Milan. Arsene also talked about the webster clause, but also insisted he wanted Hleb to stay and that he expected Hleb to stay. He mentioned having already lost one player, he didn’t want to lose anymore. I’d expect to see hear more from Arsene and the AST tomorrow… Til then…  ]]>

  • dp

    Poor old Barca, i was embarrassed for them!!!!!

  • wayn

    As much as i want hleb to stay,on the other hand let him go,cause if not this year he will leave for free,just like flamini,they keep telling ( the one’s who want to leave ) that lack of silverware is the reason for them leaving,don’t make me me laugh ,after all ,who was on the field playing?you the players or mr wenger /At least be onest with yourself and come out clean and admit,that morew money was offered to you,and don’t go round the bush making excuses.