A Day In The Life Of An Arsenal Fan…

Knowing that despite the loss of a key player, despite the speculation around our best players, despite the money available and despite the fact we won't win silverware - despite all these things - I have a big smile on my face.

Why? For the simple reason that I love what my club are doing, I love the fact God made me a Gooner. The fact that Arsene is masterminding our past, present and future so beautifully and so tactically. Without a big tycoon like the Chelseas and Man U's of this world, we have the provision to become one of the biggest teams in the world. We have one of the biggest fan bases, a stadium to match and football far beyond many teams in the world.

And how was this built? On £30m players like Torres, Shevchenko or Rooney? With £120,000 a week players like Ronaldo, Lampard and Gerrard? No, it's built of the vision of not just one man, but a team of people dedicated to the beautiful game.

To identify the world best youngsters and make them the world's best players is a gamble but at the same time an art. For all the money in the world, is there a better left back than Gael Clichy? For £100m, could we find a better all-round midfielder than Cesc Fabregas? For £7m, an amount that Portsmouth paid for David Nugent, we've got ourselves a 30 goal a season stiker who's got more skill than Pennant, Bentley and Aliaidiere all put together and magnified by 10.

We've got a board who refuse to sell and eject the bad apples who have different motives. It's not about making a quick buck, it's amount creating something special. Creating a legacy of which future generations can be built on.

A day in the life of an Arsenal fan. It's a great feeling.]]>

  • Brian

    < ![CDATA[We also have Eboue, which makes me feel good about myself. He gives me hope that maybe one day I can grace the pitch at the Emirates. I can give the ball to other team with style too, I also can dive, position myself out of position. So being a Gooner does have its benefits.
    Whatever happens I always be Arsenal.]]>

  • http://www.lookupsport.com/blog Fraser Mitchell

    < ![CDATA[Even as a Portsmouth fan I have to agree with what you say. Arsenal play the most attractive football in the Premiership by and large, they just need to learn to be a little more resilient.
    The only thing that saddens me is that the only English player in the side is Theo and he plays a bit part really (astonishing as Arsene went on the record as stating he was worth taking to the World Cup last time but still wont give him too many starts 2 years later). The light at the end of the tunnel though is that I read that Arsene has said he thinks he will be able to field an entirley English side in the next 5 years, with the crop of youth players coming through. If he can do that and still play the same type of football I will be impressed.

    One final point - still not quite worked out why we paid a record fee for Nugent and have then left him on the bench for the season. Any ideas?]]>