A Day In The Life Of An Arsenal Fan…

  • Brian

    < ![CDATA[We also have Eboue, which makes me feel good about myself. He gives me hope that maybe one day I can grace the pitch at the Emirates. I can give the ball to other team with style too, I also can dive, position myself out of position. So being a Gooner does have its benefits. Whatever happens I always be Arsenal.]]>

  • http://www.lookupsport.com/blog Fraser Mitchell

    < ![CDATA[Even as a Portsmouth fan I have to agree with what you say. Arsenal play the most attractive football in the Premiership by and large, they just need to learn to be a little more resilient. The only thing that saddens me is that the only English player in the side is Theo and he plays a bit part really (astonishing as Arsene went on the record as stating he was worth taking to the World Cup last time but still wont give him too many starts 2 years later). The light at the end of the tunnel though is that I read that Arsene has said he thinks he will be able to field an entirley English side in the next 5 years, with the crop of youth players coming through. If he can do that and still play the same type of football I will be impressed. One final point - still not quite worked out why we paid a record fee for Nugent and have then left him on the bench for the season. Any ideas?]]>