Possible Flamini Replacements…

Promotion From Within…


With Denilson, we have a midfielder with flair and vision… he’s definitely a player built in the Arsenal way and the Arsenal mould. He can defend, but there would be a few questions surrounding the young Samba star. Firstly, his fitness – he has been in and out of the team due to injury this season quite a lot. Is that something is part and parcel of a player his age, well no, look at Cesc, so you’ve got to think he may be a little injury prone. Secondly, although he has played alongside Cesc in the close season, does he like to get forward too much? Does he defend enough? I’d say he is an option for more of an attacking midfield role. But he does have stamina and a good shot…

Abou Diaby

When Vieira left, many people thought Abou Diaby would be the natural replacement. He’s a combative midfielder, but like his current midfield compatriots, he isn’t as defensively minded as the Flamster or Mr Gilberto Silva… he does have a tendancy to dribble the ball out rather than pass it out, which is a dangerous tactic for a defensive midfielder. But he has height and ability which are the flipside qualities… and of course pace. The major problem with Diaby though, like Denilson, is that he has spent most of his Arsenal career on the injury bench. Can we trust him to be fit for a full season?

Alex Song

Alex Song is someone with a bright future, but which position is commonly asked by Arsenal fans. He has played in central midfield before, and his performances often co-incided with losses. He was loaned out to Charlton where he played in central midfield and had a marvellous season. Playing under a different sort of pressure gave him the chance to express himself and he not only broke up play, but his vision was awesome! When he came back to Arsenal, Arsene has decided to deploy him at centre back and it’s a position that he’s played in during the last 3 games and not looked that bad too. He does have a tendancy to be attracted to the ball, which is good for a defensive midfielder but sometimes not so good for a centre back. The jury is still out on Mr Song in midfield, but again, an option to be considered.

Gilberto Silva

A player who lost his place to Flamini this season, a player who has also potentially lost his pace too. We know he can do the job, but his limited appearances have given him a rusty feel this season and he’ll be in his 33rd year by the time the next season starts. I doubt he can be our first choice next season, albeit he can be a squad member – but of course, will he want to be a squad member? That’s another story.

Ready To Buy Replacements

Lorik Cana

A name that will be familar to Football manager players out there, but I’ve read a few articles about the youngster. His wiki profile states…
“Currently talks with Arsenal FC have been in Transfer Media speculation. Real Madrid[2], AC Milan and SL Benfica have also tabled their interest.”
He’s twenty four, from Yugoslavian descent and speaks French… plays for Marseille and has a mix of passing and physical, which could make him an ideal candidate to replace the Frenchman.

Jean II Makoun

A story that seems to have circulated the papers this weekend is the link with Makoun. Fuelled mostly by his agent who said:
“Makoun is on Arsenal’s shortlist if Flamini leaves. It is planned that he will leave LOSC at the end of the season and moving to England is part of his objective,” he said. “I can tell you for sure that Jean II is appreciated by Arsene Wenger, but the transfer period has not started yet so I will not lie – negotiations are yet to start. “He is short and not a monster but his involvement on the pitch is huge and he is a fighter. He is not the only one on Arsenal’s list.”
Makoun is a Cameroon midfielder who currently plays for Lille. But then, reading the Sun doesn’t get you that far does it in terms of transfer truths…!

Jeremy Toulalan

Toulalan currently plays for Lyon and has been touted by French manager Raymond Domenech as the long term sucessor to Claude Makelele. He supposedly been linked with a move to Chelsea this summer, who is also a player that Arsene has monitored for some time now. A bidding war with Chelsea? No thanks!

Gareth Barry

Could be a good player to have on board, but with Liverpool currently willing to part with up to £12m and £60k a week, a player who is suddenly out of our price range. Chelsea are also rumoured to be interested…!

Michael Johnson

We’ve been heavily linked with the Man City midfield maestro, but with a very rich owner, is it likely that Man City will sell one of their young star assets? Here’s what the Times has reported…
“Arsenal are likely to make Johnson their prime target. The North London club have asked to be kept informed of Gareth Barry’s position at Aston Villa but fear that, even if the England player is made available for transfer, they would not be able to compete with the financial packages on offer from Liverpool and Chelsea, who have also expressed interest. Liverpool have been linked with Johnson, too, but Wenger’s top target is Barry and favours a move for the 20-year-old. “
 A player who may fit the bill…

Mark Noble

The young West Ham midfielder is a also a player that Arsene knows about and has mentioned in good light over the last two years. A mix of defensive abilities and attacking runs could see him a a potential replacement. Media attention on this hasn’t been there like on Michael Johnson, but then Arsene does like to do things on the down-low! £8m is the reported price…

Loic Perrin

A 17 year old? I wouldn’t put it past Arsene, but I doubt this is the replacement we’ve all be looking for.

Mathieu Bodmer

Another Lille player, who currently plays in the defensive midfield position, but can also play in defence. He’s apparently been interesting Rafa Benetiz for Liverpool, but both us and Man U have also been touted as potential suitors… What are your thoughts? Til tomorrow…]]>

  • Georgie Samaras

    I think Alex Song is the player I see Arsene promoting to this role. He’s shown that he’s a good player and next season I’m sure he’ll step up into midfield. Denilson and Diaby are two players who can also play there, so I’d expect Arsene to bring in a central defender & a winger to compliment the rest of the team!!

  • blackberry

    I like the sound of Michael Johnson joining us from Man City. He’s 20, he’s got premiership experience and he’s English. Could be a perfect tonic for a title challenge! Come on you gooners!

  • http://arsespeak.wordpress.com jamesgillesp

    I agree with Georgie Song, I think Wenger may be considering Song for the role. Otherwise maybe someone like Diaby. If both of theseplayers don’t seem right for him then he will bring someone in to play first team, maybe more mature..

  • devday

    I think he has to bring someone in for the numbers. Denilson will play as a Cesc backup and I’m sure we’ll see Diaby injured / on the wing too as he doesn’t seem to have Arsene’s trust in the middle of the park.

  • John Abbot

    As I’ve said before Flamini wasn’t the greatest player in the world. Our defensive problems this season have been largely due to his inabilty to defend sets peices or failing to make a challenge or missing a vital header. He wasn’t seriously the first choice long term, I would expect Wenger to bring in someone like Makoun.

  • timao

    Wenger has said he wants Song as a centre-back. So maybe Kolo Toure will move into the DM role? Either way, it is the centre of defence that we need to strengthen. Our ability to defend aerial balls into the box is not good enough. Maybe two good central defenders is what we need and Flamini’s job can be done by any of Diaby, Kolo, Song or Djourou – or Gallas???

  • http://www.ix-2forever.page.tl phlorenT

    the right Replacement for Flamini is albanian guy Lorik Cana …he’s got a combative spirit like or better than Flamini ….

  • Edd

    Amaury Bischoff??

  • billy

    < ![CDATA[nice article and also yes i know lorik cana very well on football manager but also take a look at him in action.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EL_bZAdOKhk im sure you will agree he is very good also quite similar to vieira from what i see :) i dont know if his disciplinary record is acceptable tho]]>

  • john

    < ![CDATA[I have looked at lorik cana, I think he's very good. I can't find alot on Amaury Bischoff. Promotion from within is the way forward. But not Ramsey. Also Alew Song is on international duty in China. Denilson is to like Fabregas maybe Diaby but he gives the ball away alot. After taking in to account the article by timao Iwould not like to the Toure Gallas partnership broken up.But I do feel that Senderos and Djourou are the next Arsenal back two but it will not happen over night. I would blood Djourou as a defensive midfielder until he is needed else where. This would gave Fran Merida time to develop into a world class midfielder.Merida and Fabregas may sound ultra attacking but Fabregas will be about 24 by now and well able to play a deeper role. Like quarter-back, its where Xabi Alonso plays his best football. As a quick fix, Xabi Alonso or Orlando Engelaar would be ideal]]>

  • arber

    lorik cana is not from Yugoslavian he is from kosova..