Tuesday Round Up

Delgado is a serious transfer target… As discussed in March this year, it has come to my attention that Matias Delgado has been watched by all of our scouts recently. Not only that, Arsene & Edelman have supposedly contacted Besiktas with a view to agreeing a deal. Fans of Besiktas are sad at his potential transfer, with many fans proclaiming he is one of the best in the Turkish league.

“Hello i am from Rio de Jenairo, Brasil. I am a keen admirer of Matias Delgado.I have been monitorizing him until F.C. Basel. I am very interested with his football mental, who is very talented and expert in dead ball situations. He is very best in footbal. Arsenal wiil make the right decision with his arrival.”
Some fans have questioned his physical stature and but also claimed he’s better than Aimar and has the potential to be as good as Ronaldo.
“Delgado has a different way to play game.He is one of the players you really enjoy watching them when they play… Will be very worth it but i will be sad for besiktas i want to see him play many many years for my hometown team.very high technique…”
And they think he will be able to contribute with skill and goals.
“My superior team is Besiktas and ı always watch BJK’s matches.Delgago is 24 and he is better than pablo aimar,his technical skills give him a goog reason for scoring and assists. The only disadvantages of Delgado is he is a little weak. If he works in training than there is no problem for delgado to play in premier league. In conclusion he is very good player as an attacking midfielder I think if he comes arsenal he will score at least 15 goals.”
I’m currently researching more into this link but from what I’ve heard, this is becoming a much stronger link.

Gilberto may stay…

Talking about South Americans, there is a small chance that Gilberto will stay for another year. With Flamini having supposedly been offered a contract by Juventus, it may be a wise move for both Arsenal and Gilberto.
“I will always do my best as a professional but then, at the end of the season, I will see when I speak to Arsene. Of course, I’m upset that I’ve not played much this season because last year I played the whole season and this year has been really frustrating. But you need to be professional, respect the manager’s point of view and help the other players to the maximum that I possibly can.”
Some newspapers, The Guadian amongst them, are claiming the 20 year Michael Johnson may come in when Flamini eventually departs.

George Graham talks…

Ex Gooner manager George Graham loves airing his views and he thinks Arsene has to spend and spend big. He claims we had been overacheiving and the size of our squad came back to haunt us. He cites injuries to key personnel as a reason, but also goes on to say that these players are injury prone and we should plan to without them next season and if they’re fit, it’s only a bonus to the squad. Very easy to judge from the outside, but could anyone predict Eduardo, VP, Rosicky, Diaby and Denilson would all be injured at the same time?
“Arsene has got to sit down and be honest with himself, which I am sure he is,” said Graham. “After three-quarters of the season, they were five points clear, absolutely over-achieving, and then in the run-in, they are stumbling all the time. “He must look back and ask: ‘Did the players get tired? Why did they get tired? Did he have a strong enough squad? Were they too inexperienced to get over the white line and win the trophy?’ “He needs, in my opinion, three or even four ready-made players, which will cost a lot of money – and that may be a problem because I don’t know if Arsenal have got a big budget to get new players in next season. “Certain players at Arsenal keep on getting injured, and you know next season, the same players will probably be on the treatment table a lot.”
He continues to talk about our transfer targets and give a bit of praise to Ade.
“They need a world-class goalkeeper, they need a centre-half, they need more mental and physical strength in the middle of the pitch. “Unfortunately, their strikers seem to be picking up a lot of injuries, so they need somebody to play alongside (Emmanuel) Adebayor, who I think could develop into a world-class player.”
I think we should always take Graham’s comments lightly as he does go on a bit randomly when I see him on SKY, always laying into Arsene, but his recent comments are very similar to what our fans have been thinking this close season…

Arsene praises young Theo…

Well, it’s been coming and young Theo looks to have added an element of consistency to his game in the last few months. His appearances against Birmingham, Milan and especially the assist at Liverpool have caught everyone’s eye. His performance on Saturday was also electrifying, and I’m sure all Arsenal fans are really excited to see him next season… Arsene spoke about the 19-year old’s performance:
“It was his most complete game. One where he looked most ‘the man’, the most mature. At the start of the season, when Theo was on from the beginning, you did not see a lot from him. There were only glimpses when you could say ‘there is something there’ and you wondered when he would come out. Now he is starting to show that. Theo is not a monster, but he has great body power. When he starts on the first five yards, it is like you throw him away. You do not see him, he is gone. That is more important than just more power. But the way we play, we can take advantage of his qualities. “
Arsene also talks about his physical side and something that all our squad will benefit from next season. Cesc is a player who seems to be beyond belief. His energy was amazing on Saturday and he, like Theo, will be a more physical player next season as he continues his personal body growth (that sounds weird, but you know what I mean!)… Arsene continued…
“Before he was always a bit out of the physical contact side of the game, now he looks for it. I told him he had to be more aggressive and determined. He is that now. I feel next season began on Saturday for him. I don’t know yet if I will start with him for the rest of the season, but there is a good chance yes. It is down to him now, how much he wants it. But I hope he continues to produce this type of performance and on his account are 10 or 15 goals, because that is what you should aim for.”
With Carlos Vela joining, we’ll have some little superstars raiding the flanks next season… it’s already very exciting, and we’re still in April…

Arsene believes Hleb will stay…

Rumours have been rife recently that Alex Hleb may be on his way out of the club. Hleb has had a much better season this year, but we’re all aware of Hlebgate and his agent’s antics…. Arsene has commented on Hleb’s future and says he can win the trophies he wants at Arsenal…
“I believe Alex will stay but you cannot stop the rumours when players are in this type of situation. But I want Hleb to stay like everybody else. You can go to Real Madrid and Barcelona, but you have no more guarantees to win trophies. And from this season we should get the belief we can win trophies and come back to win the title.”

Reserves game sees Diaby injured

And finally, our reserves won a good game against Arsenal 2 – 0 West Ham… with Rui Fonte and Jack Wilshere getting the goals. Bad news for Diaby saw the frenchman suffer a hip injury which will see him out for the next 2 weeks – full match report here. And whilst you’re on Young Guns, there is an interesting piece on the future on our goalkeeping that highlights that Arsene sees Fabianski and Mannone as the #2 and #3 next season… More tomorrow… until then, have a good one!]]>

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    Delgado is coming to Arsenal

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    < ![CDATA[It was a good game!!! Was great to see young Theo zipping around! Stay Helb - we will get our throphies next season!! BTW I asked the same questions I asked you at the game (devday) to 3 other people and noone got the the "what is the name of our fitness coach?" other than you.....well done that man...really are an Arsenal fountain of knowledge :)]]>