Italian's sniffing at Adebayor… Juve offer Flamini contract

Ade heavily linked with Milan… In breaking news today, the Italian press have poured praise on our top scorer this season, Emmanuel Adebayor. His agent has been in the news and quoted in the Italian press.

“Milan have looked at him and so have Juventus. He is a young player to sign and with respect to other attackers like Drogba, he has age on his side from the perspective of a longer career.”
I really can’t see Arsene letting Ade go, but this dirty work by his agent is not clever,  it’s disrespectful. Arsenal and Arsene have really helped Ade progress this season and it’s sour that his agent is touting around, and sour that the Italian teams are even discussing this.

Juve offer Flamini contract

The time has come, we all thought it would, but hoped it wouldn’t. Matthieu Flamini has been offered a contract by Juventus. The contract is supposedly 4 million euros sign on fee and a wage of 4 million euros per year. That approximately £3 million sign on fee and £60k a week package. Arsene recently said:
“He says he wants to stay and I believe him. But as long as he has not signed, for me he is free to sign where he wants.”
But it looks increasingly unlikely that he’ll be here next season…]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[GunnersLive reports that he's going to stay... This shall now be dubbed "The Flamster Affair..."]]>

  • devday

    or “Flamgate”

  • JAT

    except this time it’s all legal!

  • Gooner Chris