Very Quick Round Up, Arsene Hopes Henry Wins It

“To me it will be an English team that wins the Champions League. I wish that Thierry Henry wins it but Manchester United will be super-favourites against them. “Barcelona haven’t looked the side of two years ago. But Barcelona are Barcelona and so you never know. However even if they win they will have to play another English team in the Final.” That’s definitely true, Barce have not been the team they were a few seasons ago, but they do have the quality players which means you can never rule them out… Okay, it’s about 1.30am and I’m still at the office working on a big project, so I’ll have to keep this one short… In other news, Gunners Live talks about how Senderos nearly cried, Young Guns talks about how Pedro Botelho may stay in Spain next season instead of joining us… and it’s official, Carlos Vela will be joining the first team next season… And finally Armand Traore has been talking about how he wouldn’t mind playing with Clichy on the left of midfield, in front of him in an attacking role.

“It’s my position originally in football so I kind of found myself normally in the left wing. I’m starting to enjoy playing there more and more and, yes, it’s better for me.” “It’s the boss’ decision of course but if he thinks I could play in midfield for the first team then I would do it. I would be more than happy to do it. You don’t have to defend as much [on the left wing] but the positioning is pretty much the same. Obviously I get to attack more and attacking is one of my strong points.”
‘Til tomorrow…]]>

  • blackberry

    < ![CDATA[Not the worst idea - traore looks promising going forward but isn't the finished article and wouldn't be my first choice left mid. I wouldn't mind Liverpool winning it either as it's better to be knocked out by the eventual winners than a team who gets knocked out too. Although I would like to see Barcelona win it, they do play awesome football!]]>

  • dp

    Come on Barcelona!!!!