David Villa Wants Arsenal Move…

“I watch the Premier League a lot and the team I’m most attracted to is definitely Arsenal. “Their brilliant one and two-touch football and the whole style of rapid counter-attack which dominates the top level of the Premier League now is “I think I’m made to succeed in England, but of course it is one thing saying it and quite another getting there and then doing it. “The Valencia president always told me he wouldn’t sell me until summer 2008. If an offer comes in I’m hungry to test myself in England.” David Villa would surely cost us in the region of minimum £20m, is he worth it? ]]>

  • Fo

    Don’t think we’d spend the money, especially on a spanish speaking 5 foot 10 inches striker – we did that on Reyes and it was a big flop.

  • Justin Moyer

    We already have short star midfielders in Fabregas and Hleb. Eduardo is short as well but class. Class is not measured in height, and this has been proven. Put Leo Messi and Mauro Zarate in the picture if you need more evidence…

  • devday

    Villa is a genuinely good player, he has scored many goals for Valencia and Zaragoza, he’s actually scored 51 in 95 for Valencia which is roughly 1 every other game. In a 60+ season, that’s over 30 goals a season. He’s a different player than Torres but both in similar categories. Think he’s the real thing!

  • blackberry

    I would love it if we signed Villa, he is an awesome player with an eye for goal. He’s scored some crackers this season. He would definitely add something to our squad, come on Arsene!

  • dp

    Would love to sign Villa too….did well for me in FM anyway :)

  • http://cannon harryo

    sick of flamini ,clheb, messing arsenal around. sell im and get villa. let them rot in italy the most boring unwatchable league in the world

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  • klajdi

    we need him as adebayor might go even if he doesent we need him to replace eduardo till hes bak and when his bak put eduardo and villa up front adebayors not a good finisher and villa is and eduardo can give villa buetiful assitis

  • KBeve7

    Villa would be a great signing, but what arsenal really need is a wing player, which they will probably get with Ben Arfa, after that a new CM to pair with Fabregas is a desperate need, not to mention cover at outside back for clichy and Sagna who are both great but have to play every game. We have 2 fantastic center halves who are both durable so cover for them can wait till later. People forget that arsenal have a wealth of young talent at the front and RvP is an absolute world class player who will show it next season. Overall, a striker would be great but Arsenal have other more important needs.

  • TinyRadez

    You see the thing is as everyone should agree with me is everyone loves to play so if we sign villa then eduardo van persie will be on the bench if u get wot i mean and then we will start losin players because people jus want to play there football but all in all i think that David Villa would be one of the best signings along with nasri i think they are both amazing talents and they are both young jusy like arsenal like to buy there players so enough said init love to all dem arsenal fans out der keep it up im goin to watch arsenal barnsley u lot better be too not jus watchin from a faw not a real fan if u aint watched a game!

  • ars’d’fan

    < ![CDATA[YES,HE DESERVES IT. after henry leaved arsenal,we couldnot see the perfect finishing .]]>

  • wasike

    i wish vila nasir to be singned coz of injuries

  • Faisal Jausman

    < ![CDATA[David Villa, will be better in Arsenal FC, than any other club in the world. because he is young and he already play like the Gunners. So I believe that he will build his carrier better in Arsenal FC. I hope to see him in Arsernal FC next Season. Arsenal go for D.V he is good and he is a bookanis boy ( meaning handsome boy), he will be better than Henry, forget the hight. My favorite team to win the Euro 2008 is Spain. D.V SEE U IN ARSENAL NEXT SEASON.]]>

  • http://arsenal shpendi

    villa is very very big pleyer . I’thing for arsenal hi is very good pleyer . I’love arsenal end I’laik viila et arsenal

  • tahseen

    villa will be of great help to.villa and adebayor will play great fooball together…the arsenal attack will gain strength

  • arsenal@malaysia diehard fans

    < ![CDATA[yup..villa is a extremely good striker..can dribble,fast sprint..with partner fabregas n backup by van persie,we can solve the scoring problem..just a comment but try to gamble our fate..3years without any trophy..are this the year too???hope the next opening transfer deadline..villa will wear Arsenal shirt.. oh dear..]]>

  • rohit

    < ![CDATA[villa is 2 times better than any other arsenal player hope so villa will join d gunners and ROCK !! D PREMIER LEAGUE]]>

  • lolo

    villa is amazing..he was top scorer in euro 2008 and he only played in the group stage.. having him with v.persie and adebayor with fabregas to send them on amazing runs will do it. we can play an amazing 4-3-1-2. thanks

  • Kawshik Sharma

    David Villa is the best sticker in the world… So he should join his Spanish teammate Cesc Fabregas…. we believe David Villa + Cesc Fabregas + Arsenal = Unbeatable……

  • http://www.jtbanddjchuck-e.co.uk Chuck-E

    David Villa, my fav striker on the planet. He would be an amzing signing for us, but it wont happen because we cant match the funds of Chelski, Manure, Real Madrid, or Barcelona, and thats the bottom line.

    It pisses me off.

  • ronnie

    i agree that david villa should join arsenal to help our attack if we get xabi alosono and villa arsenal would have a great team but liverpool will force david silva and david villa to them via torres and benitez their spanish manager