We can finish second…

  • Georgie Samaras

    I’ll be the first to second that… if you had asked me at the beginning of the season if I’d take 2nd or 3rd and a CL QF, I’d have taken it. Everyone thought it would be our worst season ever…!

  • blackberry

    Hope you feel better soon, I tune in every night for my dose of the world of arsenal. I hear what you say but we were so close, still can’t get over the collapse, we were 5 points clear, but you know what, united could lose to blackburn and chelsea and we could find ourselves back in it, its always good to dream!!!

  • http://cannontime.wordpress.com Cannontime

    < ![CDATA[People were predicting 5th with Spurs pipping us to 4th. The Sun or some other newspaper were predicting 8th. We can finish 2nd and I'd be happy with that. I'd call it a sucessful season, we challenged for the title and that's all.]]>

  • John Abbot

    Very true Canontime, I remember at the start of the season everyone was saying how we’ll be dropping out of the top four to be replaced by tottenham, they’re in the bottom half aren’t they? LOL!

  • Caz

    < ![CDATA[This is the most sensible and uplifting news I'm read since Sunday! Second does have huge benefits! Get well soon.]]>

  • Cappz

    Overall, this has been a great season, definitely passed our expectations, but we need to win something soon!

  • Jasper

    You’re right, trust Arsene! We have made tremendous progress considering the departure of the big man, Mr Henry himself. Adebayor has been amazing this season and if Eduardo and Rosicky had been fit, we’d probably still be challenging.

  • Dru

    < ![CDATA[I'd be happy with 2nd especially with our injuries! Hope the night nurse helped.]]>

  • devday

    Thanks guys for your comments, I’m on lemsip, so I should be back in full force later today!

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