Man United 2 – 1 Arsenal: An excellent display, but not enough…

The game started well from the visiting team and we've worked the ball well. Alex Song started in defence alongside Gallas and Toure at right back.

The first 10 minutes was pretty much all Arsenal, but without any real chances. Cesc with a low shot straight to Van Der Sar.

The first major part of the game was when Gilberto fouled (or didn't foul Ronaldo) and a free kick was awarded outside the area. The effort from Ronaldo blocked. It came out to Ronaldo again and he fell to the ground, dubious. Another free kick. Hit with pace, but wide.

The game has been open, and end to end, and we have started very well. We're not showing any of the ill effects from Tuesday's game.

Good play from Ade and Hleb saw Ade shoot weakly on his left foot.

20 minutes left has seen Arsenal have 75% possesion.

Moments later, Ronaldo and Rooney linked up well to see Rooney have shot, deflected wide.

We have been playing well, but we have a problem with Eboue, it's like he's on the other team. He breaks down our play and really doesn't look interested. Interestingly, with 33 minutes gone, he got "injured" and everyone of the Arsenal fans I'm with were happy  with the prospect of him coming off and Theo coming on... surely a sign of how lowly regarded the young Ivorian is...

On 35 minutes, a great pass from Hleb, saw Ade through and he wasted a great opportunity. That's 4 wasted chances from the big man, arguably this one should have been 1-0 to the Arsenal.

Moments later, a long pass saw Rooney through on goal, a brilliant save from Lehmann.

It looks like it's going to be 0-0 at haf time. Van Persie wrongly carded for a good challenge.

With 3 minutes to go, a good passing move saw Cesc free on the left and a tantalising cross saw Van Der Sar save from the legs of Ade. On current display, Ade would have missed!

On the stroke of half time, a chance for United saw Rooney shoot, standard save from the German.

Half time Man United 0 - 0 Arsenal

No half time changes, game on…

The fist incident of the half came when Evra blantantly hacked down Eboue, definite yellow card considering VP’s earlier booking, but not given. From the free kick, VP to Hleb, back to VP  – a good cross and a header by Adebayor.

Man United 0 – 1 Arsenal

Great start to the second half. Now we have to keep on to this lead, no conceding penalties. We’ve got the chance to win now. Then, a cross by Ade, Ferdinand storming in and nearly scored the own goal of the season.

Penalty to United.

Extreme disappointment - a blantant hand ball from Gallas. Why? There was no need William.

Man United 1 – 1 Arsenal

Tevez and Anderson on, game on…

From the replay, Ade’s goal looks like a handball, so many Gallas thought he’d level it up. Gallas booked for the handball, Lehmann booked for dissent. Hleb booked shortly afterwards for kicking the ball away. Its a fiery game now.

Moments later, Carrick hacks down Van Persie, booked. Free kick to Arsenal. Wasted. Walcott is ready to come on, right on queue. 60 minutes gone.

A passage of good play from us saw us have a chance, but the shot was blocked. Ade then gave away the ball and did a “striker’s challenge” on Anderson, yellow card. Ade’s frustrated. More at himself then anything else.

Shortly after, Tevez picks up the ball, 25 yards out, fierce shot, just wide.

Young Theo has had a little bit of the ball now and is playing well. Good play from the youngster sees Fabregas have a chance, just over. More good play from Arsenal sees Hleb lay Clichy in and a wicked deflection from Wes Brown calls Van Der Sar into a save.

Excellent game from both teams, 70 minutes gone.

A good peice of play from United saw Evra fouled on the edge of the D. Bad play from Gallas, his seond mistake of the game. Gilberto couldn’t really not concede the free kick.

Ronaldo steps up… hold on, Hargreaves steps up. What a free kick.

Man United 2 – 1 Arsenal

So, it’s pretty much like every game against the big teams this season. 1 nil up against Chelsea, lose 2-1, 1-0 against Liverpool, 4-2. Now 1-0 against United, and it’s 2-1.

Bendtner on for VP, let’s see what we can do… 12 minutes to go.

Good run from Bendtner sees Arsenal win a corner and Cesc with a good ball, but Van Der Sar saves well.

Arsenal ploughing forward, looking for an equaliser. Another corner sees Cesc whip it in and another good level of possesion, no end result.

5 minutes to go and it looks like it’s a step too far. Hoyte on for Toure.

A good run from Theo sees Bendtner in, and further good play from Cesc saw Bendtner attack the ball in the air, Van Der Sar saves.

A chance from Clichy, saved and another one from Gilberto.  We’re pushing on for the the equaliser – but do we have time? 2 minutes to go.

We have had the chances, definitely, probably more chances than Man U, but we didn’t finish when we could. We’ve given an excellent account for ourselves here. An equaliser would be fitting. A great ball from Cesc, with another chance for Bendtner, but VdS saves again. Awesome end to the game, come on Arsenal - 4 minutes stoppage time.

But United kept the ball for the best part of the 4 minutes. It’s time to look forward to next season.

United will probably go on to win the title, but we’ve been a match for them this season and we’re not far away from having that first trophy in the Emirates trophy cabinet.]]>

  • Georgie Samaras

    United have spent £150m compared to our budget. They’ve got players like Anderson and Tevez that can come on, but the amazing thing is that we were not far away from something this season. If we can add 2 or 3 players and have the return of the ever injured Rosicky, we’ll be a better team next season!

  • C P

    We have an amazing team that we built not bought, a bit of tweaking and those trophies are ours!!!