Man United vs Arsenal, Match Preview, Bob Departs…

Just imagine what a fit Denilson, Van Persie, Rosicky and Eduardo for the whole season would have given us.

We have 5 games to go and we're six points behind the leaders. It's a position we'd all have taken at the beginning of the season, and the squad have performed very well this season. I am a big fan of looking at the long term. Looking at the bigger picture. You've seen what's happened at clubs like Leeds where money is ploughed into the club but without success. Even clubs like Sp*rs show that you can spend lots and lots of money but still finish in the bottom half of the table.

Arsene knows has a "duty of care" to the club where it doesn't make sense to spend millions and millions on the most expensive players as it doesn't guarantee sucess. We have a stadium debt to pay off and once paid off, the income coming in will be second to none. The players we have at the moment were / are very close to winning the title, so is there a considerable amount wrong - I don't think so. We have money and can spend, but what's the point of spending unless merited. I think Arsene goes into each season believing the team can win. He started this season believing that he'd have the majority of the season with Ade, VP, Eduardo, Bendtner and Walcott. He wouldn't have forseen the injuries that VP, Eduardo and Walcott have had this season. He didn't plan for Denilson, Diaby and Rosicky missing most of the season and couldn't have possibly seen players such as Sagna get injured at the most important time of the season.

If you put this in perspective, our injury plight can be compared to a United team without Rooney (VP) and Ronaldo (Rosicky) for most of the season, with Ferdindand (Sagna) out and even players like Carrick (Diaby), Anderson (Denilson), Nani (Walcott) all out at various stages of the season and Tevez (Eduardo) out for half this season and next. Just imagine that series of injuries hitting United or Chelsea, they wouldnt be where they are. Without a doubt.

So, let's not get onto Arsene's back, let's not say this guy out, this guy in. Let's not say we're a club in crisis. Let's put this season into perspective. We'll all to win the league every season, but we're in a long term project which will ultimately see Arsenal as one of the richest clubs in the world. In the meantime, we'll get to see some exciting football and many players develop in front of our eyes. Yes, we will go through some heart break, yes, we will have the "downs" but we'll also have the exciting performances like Milan, the potential being fulfilled like Clichy, the amazing cameo goal like Walcott. We'll see players like Carlos Vela, Theo Walcott, Alex Song, Diaby, Denilson and Eduardo become world class players in front of our eyes. We've already witnessed the rise of Cesc, Toure, Ade and VP.

As far as I am concerned, the future is exciting, the future is bright.

Okay, so I've strayed off topic, but tomorrow sees an epic fixture in the calendar, a fixture that we all look forward to. It's the old enemy. It's the dual of the 90's premiership. Rivalry beyond rivalry. Pizza gate, the battle of old trafford, it's all be there... the hatred, the football, the wins, the draws, the losses. Last season saw us beat the eventual winners 1-0 with an Adebayor winner. Boy, we could do with a similar performance tomorrow.

“When you are a winner you continue to fight when others give up, and that’s what we want to do.”

Some inspiring words from the manager, and he has been full of support for the team this week. He’s been instrumental in lifting the players this week and our players trust him like a father. He’s looking forward to the United game and honestly believes that we can and will win and continue on to the title.

“We have a big game on Sunday now and we want to focus on that. I think we have gained a lot of respect for the quality of our game. Now we can gain a lot of respect for the quality of our behaviour on Sunday, show how much we are winners and respond in a very strong way. I can’t understand people who say the team’s season is over. Why is it over? We are not too far behind. It depends on what happens on Sunday – if we win then we can win the title and that’s what it’s important to focus on. What is at stake on Sunday is the work of a whole year as long as we go there and don’t believe then it is over. But do you really think that we will go to Manchester United thinking that our season is over? That would be ridiculous. We have worked so hard since the first day of the season. We will fight until the last second of the Premier League.”

Wise words from the gaffer and you can’t argue with his sentiments. Sunday will be a big factor in determining whether our season is still alive.

We’ve got our usual injury worries, but Van Persie is back in the team and Theo is really pushing for a start. For such a big game, it’s unlikely that Arsene would risk Eboue or Hoyte at right back, so we will surely see the same back four that played against Liverpool.

Right Back
Centre Back
Centre Back
Left Back
Defensive Midfielder
Right Wing
Attacking Midfielder
Attacking Midfielder
Van Persie
Left Wing

Now, when you look at this line up, you do see attack, with Walcott, Van Persie, Ade and Hleb. We may start with Eboue and Diaby instead, but at least we’re starting to have options again…

Well, I’ve kind of spent way too much time going on about what I’ve been talking about… there’s so much more that’s going on. The gaffer has been full or support for Senderos, amongst others – Lehmann has been insulting Almunia, Almunia has been saying how much Lehmann hates him, it’s all a lot over nothing. In lights of Lehmann’s awful performances in the early parts of this season, he really had no leg to stand on, but anyway, that’s Lehmann for you.

In other news, David Dein has been talking about the open midns of foreign investment, please David… Arsene has been talking about the summer and how he’s looking for one experienced player… more on that later… but let’s concentrate on the game tomorrow.

United have Vidic out and Ade could exploit the weak links in the defence, if Walcott plays, we know he can be dangerous, and would I be wrong is saying that maybe it’s time for Van Persie to score?

Just before I go, a big shout out to Bob, whom you’ve all got to know through the blog… is departing shortly to a football academy abroad and he’ll be back in three months. Last time he went away we rose to the top of the league, and his been back in the last three weeks. Now, I’m not saying that he has anything to do with recent decline, but Bob – you did say, that maybe when you’re gone, we’ll win all our remaning games. So, come on you Gunners and let’s be league champions by the time Bob is back.]]>

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