Time to move on… Walcott Shines… Ade, Bergkamp, Sunu, Flamini

Yes, a brilliant goal, and just a glimpse of what the future holds. The Arsenal team have been quick to lavish praise on the youngster... Ade said:

“For a few months now Theo has been on fire. He is very quick and is playing some good football. Playing up front alongside him is brilliant.”
and Kolo agreed:
“Theo’s run was fantastic, with a great pass at the end. He is a good player and is improving every time. I think he is going to be one of the best players in England.”
Young Theo is just one of the many exciting things we can look forward to. We’re definitely not far away from a formidable team. I’m very excited about the future and with players such as Merida, Vela, Botelho and Sunu coming into the first team next season as well as the return of Rosicky and Eduardo, I’ve got every reason to be. If Arsene does add to the team, and with Gilberto off, I believe he will, then we’ll be very very strong next season. Talking about Sunu, he has signed a professional contract with us, and many have touted him a a future star. Arsene spoke about the prodigy:
“Gilles is a hard-working and very physical striker who showed exceptional talent when we scouted him. He has been injured a little bit this season but we hope to see the best of him next year. We brought him last summer and we hope he can fulfil his potential here. We feel he is one for the future first-team at Arsenal Football Club.”
Ade is our star striker at the moment and he’s played admirely this season. He has scored amazing goals against Sp*rs and many other teams and notched 25 goals this season. He is definitely a player that has got better and will continue to get better. He has been speaking to the press recently about the our fient title hopes and the changes in the summer.
“Of course we can still win the league. Sunday is our season now, it determines whether we still have something to play for or whether we can go on holiday. If we win in Manchester we can still hope to win the league so we have to get our focus back, stay strong and make sure we do that. Right now we’re all disappointed but we will be back in the Champions League next season and the boss knows the answers. He knows what to do and what’s needed to win it.”
Ade also speculates on changes at the club. We know that Lehmann and Gilberto will be on there way out – I doubt many others will. Many Eboue? I doubt Lehmann will be replaced as Fabianski and Mannone can be brought in as #2 and #3, but without Gilberto, Flamini will be our only established defensive midfielder with Alex Song our young pretender. I expect to see another defensive midfielder or two. An established defender and winger wouldn’t go a miss either… Ade spoke on the possible changes:
“At the end of the season in every club, there is a lot of changes and there will be here. But it is up to the boss to decide who is going to stay and who is going to leave the club. I am enjoying it here and a lot of players are happy here. But we have to stay focused and keep on going until the end of the season. We have learned a lot of things this year. Defeat can be painful and, hopefully, we can learn from this one.”
Injury News sees Flamini out for three weeks. It’s another injury in a catalogue of injuries that have messed up our season. Gilberto is expected to come in for the Flamster and I’d expect us to go 4-5-1 up at Old Trafford. Unfortunately, Sagna will be out for weekend clash, but Robin Van Persie may be fit to start – more on Sunday’s game soon… Finally, Dennis Bergkamp has joined Van Basten at Ajax and this could the path for him to end up as an Arsenal coach… more here. I’ll be back shortly for a match preview…! ]]>

  • blackberry

    The future is definitely bright, but we could have had real sucess this season if things had worked out differently. We were five points clear at one point but Eduardo’s injury really halted our run and changed the season. Winning the title this season would have been the sweetest. We were written off, but performed admirely at the first half of the season. But as they say, trust Arsene! We’ll be back, no doubt!

  • gf

    < ![CDATA[Hopefully VP will be back this Sunday. Need to focus on the league....need these points]]>

  • Georgie Samaras

    A nice postive outlook on our situation, just what I needed!

  • http://www.gunnerslive.wordpress.com Chris

    < ![CDATA[Quality Article DevDay. The Future's bright, the future's red and white! http://gunnerslive.wordpress.com/2008/04/11/competition-win-an-arseshirt/]]>

  • leybab

    It’s true that we’ve been so disappointed after the tueday game, but we should only remember that ‘football is 90 minutes game’ anything can happen on sunday! We’ve lost very cruacial games, yes but should all this be forgotton and focusing towards sunday at old trafford. without key players like flamini and rosiscky in midfield it’s very discouraging, I can bet if walcott and denilson are given chance this time around, they would harhalps make history at trafford, who knows!! Come on Arsenal!!