I don’t know what you plan to say in your blog tomorrow, but if i had my own blog i would say that our season has been defined by two penalties that never were. We owned them over both legs but i had this ugly feeling inside that it was not going to happen for us tonight. Theo’s goal deserved to win the tie. what a shame that pen was awarded. at first i honestly felt it was a pen. have just seen the itv highlights again and it was definitely not a pen. toure brushed him. at most he brushed him. no penalty. there was contact. it was minimal. less than when players contest a corner. no penalty. You have to wonder whether there is something dodgy going on in football these days. the penalty at birmingham, this tonight, the two (ACTUAL) penalties not given against liverpool. surely these cannot ALL be coincidence? The teamtalk analysis doesnt once bring up whether or not it was a penalty. are we all going mad? no doubt tomorrow’s press will be slating wenger for moaning yet again and for finding fault in the referee etc. but if the pen tonight and vs birmingham were not awarded justice would have been served. these decisions will cost us big time – financially, mentally, physically. This is the life of an arsenal fan. i know of no other team who suffers as cruelly as we do. but it is what makes the success we achieve, when we achieve it, so special. within a few years time we will be domestic and european champions. perhaps even next year if the boss brings in a couple of established players (8-15m quid each). and it is these trauma’s that will make the future joys so wonderful. Well, that sums it up. But all is not over yet, just… there are 5 games to go in the premier league and 6 points to claw back. It’s a long shot, but let’s see if we start by winning on Sunday. It’s a big big task, and a win at Old Trafford will be hard, but Theo and Van Persie will be back and maybe we’ll have more desire. As I said, it will be tough, I can’t seem to really get my mind focused on the game, but Ade says that’s what Wenger’s for…

“We have the boss for that,” said Adebayor after Tuesday’s defeat.  “He will talk about that for sure. We will meet in the dressing room [at the Training Ground] and he will tell us what to do. He has more experience than anyone here, and he knows the words to use so that we can come back on the pitch, be more successful and want it more. The most important thing now is to stay focused on what we can achieve this season. We are still playing for the title and we still believe we can win something at the end of the season. We were so close to the Champions League Semi-Finals but football decided it the other way. As a player, these things are very difficult to take. You have to be focussed to the end of the game. We scored, it was 2-2 with only a few minutes to go and I do not know how they managed to get a penalty. You can imagine it when you are within seven minutes we were in the Semi-Final – then that all went away. It is better now to focus on the game on Sunday. It will be another big game for us and we will see what we can do.”
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  • blackberry

    So true! The Eduardo incident seemed to be the defining moment of the season. Let’s see what Arsene can do this summer!

  • cm

    < ![CDATA[Gutted is definitely the right word!!! Well said Jat! Maybe you should start a blog..]]>