Liverpool 4 – 2 Arsenal: 5 minutes away… As It Happened…

Champions League: Liverpool vs Arsenal, Second Leg, Team News, Line Ups & Predictions post, we started with a 4-5-1 with Diaby and Eboue on either wing. Van Persie and Walcott on the bench and can bring something special to the team if needed. Arsenal team: Arsenal: Almunia, Toure, Gallas, Senderos, Clichy, Eboue, Flamini, Fabregas, Diaby, Hleb, Adebayor. Subs: Lehmann, Van Persie, Song Billong, Silva, Bendtner, Justin Hoyte, Walcott. Liverpool team: Reina, Carragher, Skrtel, Hyypia, Aurelio, Gerrard, Alonso, Mascherano, Kuyt, Torres, Crouch. Subs: Itandje, Riise, Voronin, Benayoun, Arbeloa, Babel, Lucas. The game kicked off on time and we started well. The pressure was with us to score, but we didn’t play with any pressure. Our play was good, one and two touch passes to keep the ball well and pass it around. Reina has been dodgy of recent and continued the trend with some nervous play. Our attacking play was good and our will to score was evident. We started well, the first 15 minutes was all Arsenal. It was clear to see that Rafa Benitez had said to his players to dive, dive, dive as we saw Crouch, Kuyt, Gerrard and Torres fall to the ground and win free kicks galore. But nevertheless our attacking play continued to dominate and good play from Flamini and Fabregas saw Diaby just out side the box near the left corner flag. He passes to Ade who burst into the box, cut back and a couple of deflections later Flamini chested it down outside the box. An excellent pass to Hleb, a decoy run by Cesc and a brilliant pass to Diaby from Hleb saw Diaby through on goal. It was all intricut stuff, but when Diaby struck the ball with venom, it was 1-0 to the Arsenal. Liverpool 0 – 1 Arsenal Come on you Gunners, we’ve got the away goal, so Liverpool have to come out and attack now. And that’s exactly what they did… I have to say that we did kind of give it away, our mindset seemed to change and Liverpool came on strong. It did take them 30 minutes and their first main attack came from a corner. Senderos was marking Kuyt and he lost his player. Hypia powered it, and equalised. Another mistake from Senderos. Liverpool 1 – 1 Arsenal Disasppointing goal to give away and there was a bit of sustained pressure afterwards, but Liverpool started to dominate. A big injury next, which saw Flamini twist his ankle, unable to continue, Gilberto on. It’s Half Time! Wow, what a half! The second half starts with the same players that ended the first half. Liverpool started well, and it looked like it was going to be an open second half. Liverpool had their chances, but so did we. Eboue taking the ball around Reina but failing to square, out for a goal kick. It’s been 20 minutes since half time and nothing has really happened. Hold on, a long ball by Liverpool sees Crouch flick on and Torres has the ball. He turns and has Toure, Senderos and Almunia in front of him. Close him down someone! Too late, Torres lashes it into the back of the net to put Liverpool in front. Liverpool 2 – 1 Arsenal Okay, so we’re back to where we were at the start of the game, we need to score. 20 minutes to go, come on you Arsenal. Arsene brings on Van Persie and Theo Walcott, we’re going 4-3-3, we need to score. Suddenly Clichy to Van Persie, Cesc and hold on Ade is free. Can he go round the keeper? No, he tries a first time and wide. Ade!!! What a miss, that could have really got us into the game. Torres has moved to the left wing and is really playing well now. We’re stuck in our half, looking deflated. A move breaks down and young Theo has got the ball at the edge of our area, he’s off on a mazy dribble. The last fifteeen minutes of the game saw a lot of midfield and nothing much. Past Torres, past Gerrard, past Alonso (yellow card please), past Mascherano, past Hypia, past Skirtel, square to Ade. Goal!!!!!!!!! Liverpool 2 – 2 Arsenal 5 minutes to go. If only we could bring on a defender now! But we’ve made all three subs! I tell you something – that Theo is some player…. hold on, PENALTY to Liverpool? You must be joking! It looks like Toure has touched Babel and he’s stumbled – how is that a penalty – Kuyt’s pull down last week was 10 x worse. Ref? FA? UEFA? FIFA? Someone! Do something! Blatter – call the ref – tell him that it’s not fair. Come on…! It’s not going to be overturned. Gerrard steps up, Almunia guesses the right way, but it’s in the back of the net before I could finish my rant at the ref. Liverpool 3 – 2 Arsenal 3 minutes to go, it looks like it’s all over. Can we do something right at the death? Come on get forward. We have a free kick. Cesc is taking it, surely Almunia should take it and Clichy should be back, as he’s got the pace. The move breaks down, the ball’s broken to Babel. Cesc is nowhere near him… it’s a race, Babel wins… and shoots past Almunia. Liverpool 4 – 2 Arsenal It’s crazy, how on earth are we losing 4-2, this is an outrage. Arsene, I’m heartbroken, it’s over… you must be feeling even worse…! Damn! Blast! Over and out.]]>

  • Georgie Samaras

    < ![CDATA[Why on earth does it always go against us. We did it all, we equalised with 5 minutes to go and then the ref just shafted us. Royally and true-ly shafted - how is that a pen!! I am just speechless.]]>

  • Glen-da-boy!

    Ridiculous decision. There is something wrong with refereeing when it comes to Arsenal.

  • Duke

    < ![CDATA[Walcott was amazing. Why doesn't he start?????? We'll be back next season!]]>

  • Chuka Khan

    < ![CDATA[Excellent performance from both teams. I think neither deserved to lose; Arsenal played well and made it a sensational game. We knew Liverpool could do it - but we defensively poor. Maybe we've still got a chance in the league - maybe not!]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Guys, I'm still in shock! At 2 - 2 with 5 minutes to go, you've got to think we threw it away. Come on Barcelona!]]>

  • Bob

    < ![CDATA[The turning point was definitely in the first leg when the penalty against Hleb wasn't given. If it had been then coming to Anfield with a 2-1 lead would have seen us through. Even if it finished 3-2 to Liverpool after Steven Gerrard's penalty, the aggregate score would have been 4-4 and as a result, we wouldn't have pushed forward looking for a goal, hence Babel wouldn't have been one on one with Cesc to have score that final goal that he did - we would have gone through on away goals. The major decision is still the penalty in the first leg. We need consistent refereeing, as it's always Arsenal that seem to suffer.]]>

  • Fire B


  • Petrov

    Arsenal deserved to win it definitely. They were the better team and if it wasn’t for Torres Liverpool wouldn’t even have made it this far. They’ll get trounced by Chelsea.

  • BarcelonaFan

    Thierry will knock you out in the final as revenge for the Gunners!

  • YipYap

    Walcott is sensational… it’s a shame he doesn’t start more, but he is 19. If he continues at this rate, he will be one heck of a player.

  • blackberry

    Wow, its crazy. We were robbed, completely and utterly robbed. That penalty should never have been, and makes a mockery of the refereeing. Arsene said he is disgusted and I think we have reached a point where video refereeing has to come in play, we can’t let this continue. We play the right way, honest, good footballl and get punished for it every time. Its diabolical. Arghhhh!

  • jamesgillesp

    < ![CDATA[Man I am down about this result. How could they give that pen.]]>

  • Charlie Sparks

    A very poor season for us. Yes it’s over, and was a long time ago. The big three are leaving us behind because, unlike them, WE DIDN’T SPEND! Senderos, Hleb and Aboule – perhaps also Bedntner – are out of their depth and have got to go. They must be replaced by quality players who can take on the three others who are now well ahead of us in having large talented squads. Arsene’s other major error was in refusing, illogically, to play Walcott so little. Look what happened every time he came on. The reason Ces was so ineffective this year is because he’s always so tired in having to cover for the four losers above and the inconsistent Toure. If I can see it why can’t Arsene. Is he losing it too? Maybe he has to go. This has been a disasterous season and it could have been avoided with a bit of foresight.

  • Dru

    Cant believe it…we were 5 mins away! That pen should not have been given. We hadnt even finished celebrating our goal….come on ref could you make it less obvious!