Kroenke vs Usmanov?

“We have held constructive and fruitful discussions with Stan Kroenke over the past year and are excited by the prospect of further developing our mutual commercial projects with KSE.  In addition, we’d like to take this opportunity of thanking ITV for their support and contribution over the last seven years.” When Kroenke first arrived on the scene, we didn’t want him but when Usmanov got involved, he didn’t look that bad… it’s a strange situation to be in, because we simply don’t know who is good for us or not! Who’s worse? What are the intentions of both? It’s a weird situation to be in but at least we have the comfort of the board trying their best to protect our club. Hmmm, let’s see what happens.]]>

  • Georgie Samaras

    I wish that everyone just left our club alone. Why on earth are Kroenke or Usmanov even around. If they could just go away then we would be able to carry on with our project which, thanks to Arsene’s nouse, will see us become the richest club in the world.

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[You're totally right. Arsene has spoken on this today and in reference to not strengthening in January - he said: "Then we would have wage bills as big as [the other teams too], Yes we have a rich budget and a big potential when the stadium's paid. But as well I feel some young players have made a big progress and next year they will be better players. "Players like Bendtner have already made progress from the how he was at the start of the season. Next year you can consider him a real striker."]]>