It's True, Quaresma Has A £5m Relegation Release Clause…

But let's take a look at Quaresma. For those of you who attended the Brazil vs Portugal game at the Emirates, it was clear to see that this boy is talented. He was as good as, if not better than his compriat, Cristiano Ronaldo and although seems to have the consistency, Quaresma is starting to become a player that saw him move to Barcelona at a young age.

Porto, whom the lad plays for at the moment, are involved in a match fixing scandal in Portugal. Their president, a Mr Pinto da Costa, is supposed being investigated into match fixing during Mourinho tenure (how fitting)...

It's a long shot, but Quaresma is a player who could slot into the left of our midfield and certainly a player with quality.

Let's wait and see what happens...]]>

  • Georgie Samaras

    Doubt it will happen, think it’s paper talk….

  • devday

    It’s unlikely that Porto will be relegated to be honest – but if they were, I’m sure Arsene would be interested.

  • John Abbot

    Wenger was interested in Quaresma last year but the fee was £24m which was extortionate! If he was available fo £5m then it would be a no-brainer!