Fresh Ideas? Or Maybe A Bit of Luck?

Morning all, and it’s a very Snowy Sunday morning today. The snow is sooo nice, it’s like out of movie… and today is a cold cold day too. It’s been one hell of a year, 2008, and with our recent run, many people are wondering where it’s all gone wrong. I’ve read all the papers today and there is a sense of “it’s all over”, “Arsenal lost it”, “Fresh Ideas needed”, “Liverpool will win on Tuesday” and to be honest it’s all nonense. Excuses are excuses, yes, but they “excuse” the status quo. What I mean by this is that whatever people say, we have peformed admirely this season and definitely not had lady luck on our side.

It’s all over? No way!

I don’t think it’s all over by any means. I have predicted in the title run in piece that Man Utd will NOT get three points at the Riverside. I think Middlesborough all raise their game against the big four at home. I can see them losing or at least getting just the one point. That would leave us either 5 or 6 points behind with United yet to play Chelsea and us. Game on is what I say.

Arsenal have lost it? Rubbish

We haven’t lost it, we’re one of the youngest sides in the premiership and we’ve played some fantastic football this season.  We’ve been extremely unlucky to have Rosicky, Eduardo, Van Persie and Denilson all out for long periods and the smaller injuries which have kept Toure, Fabregas, Hleb, Walcott, Diaby and others out of the season for long periods of time. Just imagine United without Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez (site Rosicky, Eduardo, Van Persie), they would be a shadow of the team they are with those players. Just imagine Liverpool without Torres, Gerrard or Chelsea without Drogba, Anelka and Lampard. Any team would struggle. So have we lost it? No. Are we tired and our players overused? Possibly.

Fresh Ideas Needed? I don’t think so.

We don’t need fresh ideas. We started the season in awesome fashion, which saw pundits and fans alike ulogise over the quality of football and the quality of goals. Adebayor has scored some amazing goals, especially the one against Sp*rs. We’ve beaten Chelsea (nearly twice) and played Liverpool off the park 3 times this season. We’ve had wins against top European sides and a night of glory in the San Siro. But our injury woes this season, we haven’t been able to rotate the players. The same nucleus of players have played nearly all the games all season. If we didn’t have such unpredictable injuries this season, players such as Eduardo and Rosicky would have surely gained at least 8 points between them (Brum, Villa, Wigan, Boro) and we’d be up there. Next season we’ll have a few more players coming in, such as Vela and Botehlo. With Rosicky back and Eduardo returning in November, our squad should be bulkier. With the possible addition of one or two players in, we’ll defintely have more of a squad next season. We definitely don’t need fresh ideas, we just needed a couple of lucky breaks especially with injuries.

Liverpool Will Win on Tuesday. Yeah right!

With our two draws against Liverpool, everyone seems to presume they will win on Tuesday. I don’t think so. We’ve shot ourselves in the foot and have some really unlucky decisions with stonewall penalties in both games. We should have won all three of the games that we’ve played against Liverpool this season have played them off the park. On Tuesday, we’ll be at Anfield and we’ll play them off the park again. This time, we’ll do a Milan and score a couple. Can’t wait, bring it on! It’s Sunday and I’m looking forward to see Middlesborough take on United. It’s going to be an interesting game. Have a good one, more later…!]]>

  • John Abbot

    I think you’re right. Don’t think we were too far away from trophies this season. If Tomas and Dudu were fit, we’d be up there – all is not over yet!!

  • GC

    definitely not over – fat lady hasnt sung yet….

  • devday

    And Middlesborough have duly obliged with a draw against United, which sees us kind of back in the race..!?!?!