Arsenal 1 – 1 Liverpool

Immediately Eboue was back to his worst with a run that saw him do nothing and a backheel to a Liverpool player. Hoyte was playing at right back and his performance was really shaky. His positioning is not that bad, but his decision making is bad. After winning the ball he often gave the ball back to the opposition and lacked maturity.

Crouch started today and has been renowned for giving Toure and Gallas a hard time. But they stood off and Crouch had a brilliant shot and Almunia saved well.

Traore, starting ahead of Clichy, showed his abililty going forward and a few mazy runs showed good ball skills. There is a lot more to come from this boy, he's just 18. Moments, a good move saw Hoyte free on the right and a good cross saw Reina save.

Walcott had started the game on the left and his morording run down the left tore Skirtel apart. And Walcott raring down the left fouled by Skirtel - it was a rugby tackle and no card, no foul. Nothing. A good inswinging corner from Cesc, saw Toure in the air. The ball fell to Eboue. But he fluffed the shot.

Moments, later Gilberto loses the ball in midfield and then stands off Crouch. He sends Riise through and he is one on one with Almunia. His shot blazed over the bar.

Liverpool now dominating.

Moments later on a counter attack, Gilberto acrimoniously taken down by Riise, saw Riise carded and our attack broken up.

Liverpool played well and Benayoun found himself free and shot well. Then a long ball from Flamini saw, Bendtner header down into Cescy path and Cesc with a shot wide. Then a good break from Cesc sent Walcott through, the ball richoted straight to Bendtner who shot tamely at Reina.

We were starting to get back into the game and Eboue was through on goal, but instead of shooting he waited and slowed the game down and squared to Cesc marked by Finnan, Finnan blocked. Then Eboue was sent through by Cesc but misplaced his pass. Out for a goal kick.

From the goal kick, a long ball by Reina saw Gilberto flat footed, Crouch via Benayoun, a bit of a bobble and Crocuh tucked it away passed Almunia. Gilberto should have been marking Benayoun so neither Gallas or Toure would have to commit.

Arsenal 0 – 1 Liverpool

Half time.

The second half starts with no changes, not a great start either. A few misplaced passes and a few inaccurate lay offs. But we did start with more verve.

On the 50th minute, we really stepped it up a gear with an excellent Walcott shot, deflected for a corner. From the corner, Toure header just wide. Then moments later, a roring run from Traore, fouled by Pennant.

Cesc with the free kick. Bendtner runs in, goal, game on.

Arsenal 1 – 1 Liverpool

This rejuvenated our efforts, and a great ball by Cesc, headed back by Bendtner, Walcott marked but got off a a deflected strike. Substitution, Ade on for Hoyte, Eboue to right back.

Up to now the referee, Phil Dowd, had played well, but a nasty challenge by Plessis on Walcott, studs into the shin should have been dealt with, potentially leg breaking, no red card, no yellow and not even a foul.

Team playing well. Can we press on for the winner? Gerrard on for Liverpool.

25 minutes to go, good play sees Cesc free, shoots well, Cesc shot deflected. Bendtner and Ade linking up well to create chances for themselves and others. Flamini has a chance, albeit far out, save by Reina.

Cesc is really giving his all, but obviously tired. Arsene wants to win. Nice play, Ade with a good run and a right footed left sided cross, one of those Ronaldo type things. No one in the middle.

Then the last 30 mintes of attack, attack, attack. Walcott excellent. Bendtner after the goal is a different proposition that Bendtner without a goal. His confidence is making him better.

Eboue’s playing okay at right back but a few lunges and commited tackles have seen him out of position, it’s clear to see that replacing him with Sagna was one of Arsene’s summer targets.

We’re pouring forward and everytime Walcott has the ball, he looks like he can create. Bendtner seems to love playing with Ade and we’re tearing the Liverpool team apart. Come on…

Time is running out and Hleb is on for Flamini. He is added some pace and control to the game, but Liverpool have 9 behind the ball at all times. It’s a repeat of Wednesday’s game and if anyone is going to win this, it’s going to be us.

Talking about a repeat of Wednesday game, Cesc is in the area, Lucas obviously pulls his shirt, he falls. Another blatant penalty. But again not given. Dowd in the perfect position. I really don’t know why it wasn’t given. It’s crazy and something has to be done about it.

We’re playing 2-4-4 but just can’t find the winner. There’s 5 minutes to go, but we’re looking shattered. This game is catching up on us and Liverpool manage to have a chance through Vorinin.

3 minutes injury time, it looks unlikely that we can get the winner. People are starting to accept the result. Tired legs mean we can’t seem to penatrate.

Full time: Arsenal 1 - 1 Liverpool. This could see our title efforts finally over.

And breathe…]]>

  • Chris

    < ![CDATA[Great report.

    Just to rub salt in the wound's, Dunne scores an own goal...

    Man City 0-1 Chelsea.]]>

  • Chris

    < ![CDATA[Make that 2-0 at full time.

    Oh well, Champions League now ;)]]>