Match Day: Bolton vs Arsenal, come on you Gunners!!!

“On Saturday, the team just wants to focus on a top-level performance, and then we will win. Not the opposite when how you play does not matter as long as you win. It is important how we perform, then we win the game. That’s very true, if we can play our game we can win. But “play our game” also means let’s not get upset when Kevin Davies challenges Gallas in the air and let’s not get upset when Nolan clips Walcott’s ankles. Let’s just get up, focus, play well and score goals. As discussed yesterday, we have two possible options with the game’s starting line up. One version saw Bendtner and Van Persie up front with Ade rested and Arsene seems to think this is a good idea. Official team news shortly, but Arsene agrees young Ade needs a rest.

“I believe he has given a lot this year and so he would need a little breather, maybe. He has played a lot on his own up front and has had to fight very hard. So at the moment, to refresh him a bit would do him some good. He has not scored recently but then, as a team, we have made less chances. Also physically he was a bit jaded because he has played in nearly every single game since the start of the season. He is an important player in our squad. But I have Bendtner there and I have van Persie coming back.”
This same variation saw Walcott and Diaby on either side with Hleb rested and saw Senderos at the back with Toure on the right. The other variation saw Eboue at right back, Hleb and Diaby on the wings. It’s one of those days, where with a few players back from injury and a drop in form from the remaining players, we won’t know who will play until Arsene announces it… Who ever plays will be the choice of the gaffer and a team that he thinks can win… Come on you Gunners!!!]]>