A Look At Arsenal's Squad – Why It's Not All Doom And Gloom

  • Dru

    Nothing like a bit of optimism to start the day…

  • http://7amkickoff.wordpress.com/ timmy_the_tooth

    < ![CDATA[I think you make some interesting points but I have to disagree with the following statement: "The reason Arsene hasn’t bought is because when all our squad is fit, we’ve got one hell of a squad. With the squad we’ve got, and the new stadium debt, there is no need to buy big players." I don't know why Arsene hasn't bought anyone, is it ego? stubbornness? irrational exuberance? I really don't know, but I do think it's exceptionally clear that Arsenal don't have the depth of squad necessary to win. I like Denilson and I think in a few years he'll be a decent holding midfielder. I like Gilberto but he's clearly past his prime. So who does Wenger put in for Flamini? On the right wing, you have a choice of Rosicky and that's it. Eboue is a farking joke. I'd rather Arsenal start 10 players than see him on the pitch. Theo has the pace, but lacks the refinement, again in 2-3 years he'll make a great striker/winger but right now he just can't do it. On the left wing... Hleb? No thanks. He needs to play centrally or not at all. But then what happens when he does play centrally? van Persie or Eduardo plays the wing, Eduardo can do it, but van Persie cannot. That leaves Arsenal with one replacement left wing. How about the fullbacks? Arsenal's starting fullbacks are two of the best in the world. But Hoyte is the only cover that they have. If Sagna is out injured on Saturday, who will Wenger put in for him? Eboue? Oh god. And so, I'm not sure this squad is deep enough yet. Anyway, keep up the good work!]]>

  • devday

    < ![CDATA[Hi Tim, thanks for your comments, and there's some good thought behind what you've written. One of the reasons that I believe we do have a squad to challenge is the consistency we had early on in the season. Rosicky is a truly gifted player and with strength in depth of having Ade, VP and Eduardo all fit and raring to go, we would have a strike force. That's the same as Rooney, Ronaldo and Tevez being out of the team for most of the season. When Rosicky was fit and Eduardo and Ade were playing we were picking up points everywhere. But as the injuries mounted, the squad has become stretched. We've got Carlos Vela and Pedo joining us next season so that's two players who can play left wing and Vela can play up front. We've been keeping tabs on Vela this season and he really is an awesome player. Let's see if Arsene does buy, he's been heavily linked with Ben Arfa amongst others recently.]]>

  • JAT

    < ![CDATA[The failure to win the league is simple. The squad is too thin. Whilst we have had many injuries, the failure to strengthen in January has dealt us with a killer blow. Cruel injuries to RVP, and particularly Eduardo have meant that Ade has had to play as lone striker for most of the season. Come the end of the season he will have scored over 20 league goals, which is the yardstick that any good premiership striker seeks to achieve. For that we are very grateful. However, he hasn't had an opportunity to take a much-needed break. In short, he and his teammates are burnt-out. The reason - we haven't had a squad big enough to compensate for losses acquired through injury and fatigue. Wenger is not an idiot which is why I believe we will see some money spent this summer. Let's all hope we can win the UCL to give us a much-deserved reward for what has generally been a fantastic season. The league is over now though.]]>

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