The Title Run In: Can United Drop Seven Points?

Man United’s Last Seven Games Aston Villa (Home) Middlesborough (Home) Arsenal (Home) Blackburn (Away) Chelsea (Away) West Ham (Home) Wigan (Away) Out of this run in, there are 7 points to be lost, but it’s going to be tight. United can drop three against both us and Chelsea and drop one against Blackburn…

Arsenal’s Last Seven Games

Bolton (Away) Liverpool (Home) Man United (Away) Reading (Home) Derby (Away) Everton (Home) Sunderland (Away) If we realistically want to win the title, we have to now win all seven of these games. We can do it, but only time will tell.

Chelsea’s Last Seven Games

Middlesborough (Home) Manchester City (Away) Wigan (Home) Everton (Away) Man United (Home) Newcastle (Home) Bolton (Home) With only two away games in that list, you can see Chelsea picking up maximum points from most. Let’s hope Everton do us a favour… I’ll leave it to you to mull over the endless possibilities, but it’s a tough shot now… time to win the Champions League?]]>