Bob is back, Walcott is happy, Djourou & Clichy speak

£80,000 a week? Bob is back, but someone who could be leaving soon is the “long haired assassin” (no idea if anyone actually calls him that)… Matty Flamini. And reports in today’s press link us with a player called Loic Perrin, a 22 year old defensive midfielder who currently plays for Saint Etienne. He’s an all action midfielder who’s ready to move to the Emirates this summer. The problem we have – which now makes more sense to why he’s not signed – is that Matty is reported to be demanding £80,000 a week. He’s currently on £20k and the offer we have on the table is £40k. Yes, it’s so weird talking about these numbers as that’s more than most of us earn in a year… but young Matty sees people like Essien, Lampard, Gerrard, Carrick and Hargreaves all earn more than £90k and it’s testimony to our wage structure that our midfielders range from £20 – £40k. Peter Hill Wood has spoken:

“We have made him a proposal. We have heard from his representatives but they have not given us a response.”
Only time will tell to what happens next, but I think you’ve got to earn your wage packet. Doubling your wage should be fair enough at this point  – remember, Matty’s not won a trophy yet – the rest of those aforementioned players have.

Theo’s Birthday Present

As we all, know, it’s was Theo’s birthday on Sunday and yesterday he was called up to the England squad. I’ve spoken on this subject many times and it’s something I will touch upon now. Theo has just turned 19 and he’s been at Arsenal for two years. He’s been training for most of last year and injured most of this. He has shown potential, but patience is a virtue with Theo. If he is left to work on his game, within the next two years, we will start seeing the best of him. It’s incredible that people say that Arsene would loan him or that he’s not reached his potential. You can say that of someone of 25 who’s been with us for 8 years, queue Jeremie Aliaidiere… Theo’s been called up to the England squad and, although I believe he will be trimmed out when Cappello reduces his squad, it’s a testament to his progress this year.
“I celebrated my 19th birthday on Sunday. So the call-up is a great birthday present for me. I’m looking forward to meeting up with all of the lads after the weekend’s game.”

Djourou Talks About The Future

Djourou is a player that we all like, who was used in the team heavily last season in a young defence in the absence of Gallas. He’s a player with immense quality and potential and he was on loan with Birmingham earlier this season. He’s had a few troubled times, but on the whole, he has played well and gained valuable experience. He returned to Arsenal just in time to replace the departing Kolo Toure. It was unfortunate for him that he got injured but Senderos came in and has done well. Djourou has recently recovered from injury, but now faces a challenge to get past a fit Gallas, Toure and Senderos into the first team. He’s been playing in the reserves for the last couple of games and it’s been a window into the future of the world of Arsenal.
“Their improvement has been big. I see them every day on the training field and then I see the work that they do with Neil Banfield and with Steve Bould. You can see their improvement each time they play, or even when they join in with the first-team. It is very good for Arsenal’s future.”

Clichy’s Preview’s the Chelsea & Liverpool Games

Young Gael Clichy has been talking to the official website and talks about both the Chelsea challenge and the forthcoming Liverpool game. Clichy has been amazing this season, he’s worked 200% and marshaled the left side of the field with authority in the absence of a real left sided midfielder. He has made a few mistakes recently, but everyone’s entitled to a few mistakes. He’s been talking on the weekend games against Chelsea:
“I don’t think they have been overlooked. We always knew that Chelsea were going to be there at the end with such a great team and all the great players they have in the squad. Chelsea have been behind in the Premier League and that’s not easier because you always have to win your games to catch up. But when you are in third people don’t look at you like they look at the first team.”
He’s right. Chelsea were pretty much written off but have stayed there or there abouts. Clichy has also been talking about the Liverpool game and it’s seems that we’re destined to play them at least four times per season minimum.
“We did it last season when we played the FA Cup and Carling Cup together. In fact it’s quite good fun because it doesn’t happen much. We will look forward to it and hopefully we will come out as the winner.”

News Round Up

The World of Arsenal never sleeps, there is so much going on. Bendtner speaks of his partnership with Ade and how it’s works well. The FA and FIFA will meet to discuss the Martin Taylor / Eduardo incident further. Luke Freeman has scored on his England Under 18’s debut, it’s amazing how Arsene finds the gems of the football world, it’s real life Championship Manager. How ironic is that sentence? And finally, Carlos Vela has picked up an thigh injury which will see him miss the Betis game this weekend, but hopefully be back soon to feature in the Mexico vs Ghana game on Tuesday at Craven Cottage. It’s Easter Friday, and time to rest. Hope you all have a great day and catch up soon…]]>