Hlebgate: Arsene's Angry

“It’s true that Hleb saw Vigorelli and they went out from the Melia Felix but it’s not true that they went to talk to Inter Milan. They went for an ice-cream. We are sorry that Mr Wenger took it badly and complained because we have a good relationship with him.” Ice cream or Inter? Inter Milan released a statement today, which read:

“With regard to yesterday’s report in La Stampa newspaper and today’s articles in the British press, carried also by Italian news agencies, F.C. Internazionale denies having met with the player Alexander Hleb, and has received no letter of complaint from Arsenal.”
Arsene has made a formal compliant, his sources are probably better than mine… If Hleb did leave in the summer, who would you like to replace him? Or is this all nonsense paper talk, and nothing substantial? Remember, Spilevski did speak about this earlier in the year:
“I can understand why clubs would be interested in Alex. But Alex loves life at Arsenal. He feels he is at the best club in the world.
Answers on a postcard (or via the comment box below!)]]>

  • Danger

    < ![CDATA[Hleb is a strange character, his form varies from game to game and from half to half. Sometimes the ball sticks to his feeat and he glides across the pitch. Sometimes he passes are wrong and he's not in the game. His refusal to shoot is also something which he lacks in his games. Reading the net today, a lot of people are calling for someone like Ashley Young to come in. With Cesc, Rosicky, Hleb and even Flamini we may have to many creators and not enough final product. Let's see what happens in summer!]]>

  • dp

    < ![CDATA[Hopefully we wont lose Hleb... Never know what will happen after all we all wanted Henry to stay....]]>

  • John Abbot

    True dp, but Hleb is in the prime of his career, whereas Henry was on the decline. I think Hleb will stay but am concerned that his performances of late have been sloppy.

  • DP

    Good point John, maybe its all that ice-cream :)

  • John Abbot

    Cheers DP! There’s been quite a bit of speculation on the futures of Hleb, Flamini and Diaby but let’s concentrate on the present and see what we can do!