Tuesday: Gilberto, Pienaar, Gallas, Cesc, Taylor + More

birthday wish for Theo would be a Bolton and Sp*rs win tomorrow, but let’s concentrate on our own game for the moment. Yesterday, I looked at the title run in, and how we can realistically still win the league. The analysis says we draw to United and Chelsea but lose at Sunderland on the last day having won the title. There are loads of possible combinations, but this one isn’t the most implausible.

Match Reaction

Saturday was a very frustrating day for us, with Derby primed to take an unexpected point from United in the game of their season, United found the winner on the 75th minute and if only Kewin Jones scored one of three golden second half chances, Chelsea would only have only come away with a point… and the added pressure told, and we only managed to salvage another home draw – reminiscent of last season. Read the full match report here. Arsene wasn’t too pleased either and
“We have dropped eight points in the last four games. When you are in a race with the opponents we have, that is a big disappointment – but we have to keep our spirit and focus. I feel the spirit is there and the players are giving everything, but at the moment it’s not working for us. But we play Chelsea next, so it’s very interesting. We will see at the end of the season what effect today has.”
As discussed in the match report, the game would have a different story if the legal goal stood, 1-0 after 4 minutes and there would have only been one outcome. The referee’s decision was wrong, Arsene said:
“The referee explained to me that the intention of our player was to play the ball to one of our players, who was offside, so the deflection of the ball doesn’t count anymore. I didn’t know that but, at least I learned something today.”
In fact, Arsene, don’t listen to him, don’t learn anything, because he is wrong. The official rule book says:
"Gaining an advantage by being in an offside position includes playing a ball that rebounds to the player off a post or crossbar or playing a ball that rebounds to the player off an opponent having been in an offside position." Courtesy of A Cultured Left Foot
How frustrating… we all know what happened next and how a vital three points turned into one. But it’s not all the ref’s fault, we did lack a cutting edge… Boro had one shot on target and we had loads, played well, but missed the “edge”… another week of training for VP and maybe he’ll whack one in from 30 yards at Stamford Bridge?

Cescy’s Angry And So Is Gallas

Cescy’s taking his anger on the result on Martin Taylor and feels the mandatory 3 game ban was not sufficient. It’s something discussed heavily in the blogs a few weeks ago, and remember Aliaidiere (who hopes we win the league) got a 4 match ban for, let me think, nothing. Cescy gets spicy:
“Of course I blame him. He did it and he knows why he did it. Of course he is not going to say he did it on purpose, he will never say that. But a very good player is injured for a year and the player who committed the tackle is suspended for three little games. It is very, very unfair.”
Gallas, the somewhat uninspiring captain, has questioned our mental attitude. There was only one person to blame Mr Gallas, it was the defender who had his hand up for offside instead of tracking back and defending Boro’s main attack of the game and subsequent goal… yes Willie, that was you… so actually it’s you with the mental problem!
“I’ll tell you why there was a difference between the win in Milan and our next game. It was in the head. It is human nature that after a huge game in Europe it is difficult to find the same level of motivation for the following game. In fact what we needed was an even higher level than we had in Milan. We all have to understand that. And we have to understand it quickly because time is running out for us this season.”
Let’s see if this manages to inspire us to the title?!?!? Toure on the other hand says we just need to rest this week and then come back and beat Chelsea; that’s more like it!

News Round Up

Eboue has been linked with a summer move to Barcelona. No doubt, I’ll swap him for Messi anyday. Negotiations have started according to TV3… true or dream false? Gilberto will be leaving in the summerand he is now talking about his lack of chances and his decision… cheers Gils, perfect timing. Inspirational. In youth news, Gilles Sunu wins the under 17 player of the tournament, whilst our under-18’s win 1-0 against Reading’s under 18’s. And to top it off, Barazite and van den Berg have been called up for the Dutch under 19 squad against the Czech under 19’s. Read about Carlos Vela’s latest game, albeit a 0-0 draw with Valladolid. And I don’t have a link for this one, but we’ve supposedly tracking Everton’s Stephan Pienaar – somehow I doubt it, but with Rosicky and Eduardo seemingly long term casualties, maybe there is some truth in it? So you’ll all up-to-date with the latest news now… I can concetrate on another player profile tomorrow!]]>