Champions League Draws sees Arsenal against Liverpool: Reaction

Arsenal vs Liverpool  We’ve got Liverpool, and it’s a team that we can beat. Barcelona, Arsenal, Man U and Chelsea have been kept apart, and if we beat Liverpool in the Quarters, then we’ll have Chelsea in the Semi’s and then either United or Barce in the final! Here’s the draw in full:


Arsenal v Liverpool Roma v Manchester United Schalke v Barcelona Fenerbahce v Chelsea


Arsenal or Liverpool v Fenerbahce or Chelsea Schalke or Barcelona v Roma or Manchester United We will play at home for the first leg, which will be on either the 1st or 2nd of April and the return leg on the 8th or 9th of April. And who do we have in the league on the 5th April, yes Liverpool! Keith Edelman was at the draw:
“I think we’d have preferred European competition. “Liverpool are a great team and are fantastic in this competition and, with three games against them in a week, I’m sure the tactics in each tie will be under close scrutiny.” “It should make for compelling viewing and, after the way we played against AC Milan, we must have a lot of belief that we can go all the way.”
A postive note from Edelman, but Rick Parry (of Liverpool) was quite disappointed in his interview.
“We’d hoped to avoid an English team but an all-English tie was bound to happen and it’s happened to us. At least we’ve avoided a trip to Turkey. “We’re also playing Arsenal in the league in between the quarter-final legs so that will be interesting. I don’t think there will be any surprises for either side in those games. “Of course, we’ve noticed we might also face another English side (Chelsea) in the last four as well.”
Here’s the latest odds: 11/4 Barcelona 10/3 Man Utd 7/2 Chelsea 5/1 Arsenal 6/1 Liverpool 11/1 Roma 33/1 Schalke 40/1 Fenerbahce  Well, that’s that now, bring on the ‘Pool. I’m sure I’ll touch more on this during the weekend.]]>