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    < ![CDATA[Hey mate, great blog, keep up the good work Do you interested in a link exchange with your World of Arsenal blog and my Carlos Vela News blog!! Cheers]]>

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    < ![CDATA[Well conceived and written review. However, my mortal fear is Arsene starting Bendtner and Ade up front. Regardless of their personal differences, if any, they are just too similar and will NEVER make a good strike partnership. At this point in his career young Nick is an Ade without the pace and work rate. Like oil and water, they will never effectively co-exist and we have drawn or lost all games this year when they have been started as partners up front. Walcott up front with Ade, Diaby on the left with Hleib moving to the right and Gilberto and Bendtner on the bench should be the only squad changes. At worst, we could start Denilson in the middle, push Fab out to the right and have Hleib power it on the left. Walcott as a right winger unbalances our side because of his defensive liabilities and forces Sagna to stay at home more. This would not be a sound tactic against Aston Villa who normally plays a 4-3-2-1 or 4-3-3 depending how you look at it, with Young and Agbonlahor marauding down the lines with their blazing speed. Our wing backs have to attack and force them to defend or it could cause serious problems. Clichy, Sagna and the Flamster should be able to control Young and Agbonlahor and so the key matchup will be Carew versus Messrs Gallas and Senderos and will Amunia regain his confidence after his less than stellar previous performance. Hopefully our Jekyll and Hyde central defense will be on form tomorrow so for the first time in two weeks I can laugh over a few pints of Guinness interspersed with a couple shots of Patrone.]]>