Finding Flights to Fiji

It's a beautiful day outside and that simply makes me a much happier person today!

The task of finding flights to Fiji is much more difficult than you'd first think... if you try expedia, tavelocity or any of the main travel sites, you find "no flights to the chosen destination available...."... even BA and Virgin's own sites don't travel there. It makes you think how on earth to get there...!!!

 Two of my closest friends Ali and Sam are getting married there this summer, so it's a must-do mission to find a way to join them... Ali mentioned a site called and this site has totally come to the rescue.

For anyone trying to find flights anywhere, it has all the answers. It’s taking us via LA to Fiji and via 2 different airlines – something it seems expedia couldn’t manage… low and behold we have found a good route and a good price – the site actually ends up taking us to so a big thumbs up to that site too!]]>